Opportunities for Public Input

  • The Jackson Board of Education is eager to hear from all stakeholders while it considers candidates for this position. Please consider taking our SURVEY.

    In addition, you are also always welcome to send us an email to jsd@jacksonsd.org or to attend any Board of Education meeting to share your thoughts with us.

    Our next full board meeting will be held on Jan. 22 at 6:30 PM in the JMHS Fine Arts Auditorium.


  • Please direct questions to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Stephen Genco.

    732-833-4601 or sgenco@jacksonsd.org

How to Apply

NEWS: Superintendent Search Complete

  • UPDATE - April 2020

    Jackson School District Approves Current Assistant Superintendent of Schools to Replace Retiring Superintendent

    JACKSON - After an exhaustive search that considered dozens of applicants from across the state and the region, the Board of Education determined the best choice to replace the retiring superintendent of schools was the current Assistant Superintendent of Schools Nicole Pormilli.

    The district discussed the appointment in a notification to families and staff last week and posted information on the district website.

    "In any other reality, we would have put out advanced notice and announced this information right after the Board of Education voted at their March 18 meeting to approve (Pormilli's) appointment. However, in this reality of COVID-19 and its consequences, nothing about our March 18 meeting was as it should have been,'' the announcement reads. "Our efforts and attention were focused on getting our students and staff set up and acclimated to Remote Learning Plans and getting supports and services in place. Given these pressing priorities, Mrs. Pormilli’s appointment announcement was put aside so we could focus on our students and staff. Now, as we get ready to take a well deserved breath for Spring Break, we are able to take a moment to recognize this wonderful news.''

    Pormilli has a broad depth of experience in her 28 years in education, including nine years as an assistant superintendent and 15 years of central administration experience. A former literacy teacher, she believes in delivering both the educational and social emotional needs of all learners with compassion and excellence.

    “I have been fortunate enough to work with and learn from Dr. Genco and so many others and I am honored to have been appointed to this position,’’ Pormilli said. “Jackson is a very special place, and it is truly a privilege to take on this responsibility.’’

    Pormilli said the way the school community has adapted and excelled during the school closure and remote learning experience is just one of many examples of how this district takes care of its community.

    “Jackson has excellent educators, administrators and staff members who believe deeply in educating and supporting children in every way,’’ she said. “I look forward to keeping the tradition of Jackson excellence while also developing in areas that will provide the skills students need for future success. Together, we will continue to raise our students up so they have the brightest futures possible.’’

    The Board of Education voted March 18 to approve the appointment after completing a comprehensive search that netted dozens of applicants from across the state and region. After a thorough vetting and multiple interviews, Pormilli emerged as the board’s unanimous choice.

    “We looked long and hard to find exactly the right person to guide us through what we know is an ever changing landscape, and we found it right here in Jackson,’’ said Board of Education President Michael Walsh. “Her strong background in curriculum and years of experience have allowed her to develop a clear vision for how to best serve our students and staff. We are fully confident in her ability to lead us into the future.’’

    Dr. Genco praised the board’s decision.

    “It’s very difficult to leave a district, staff and students that I love, but knowing I am leaving them in such capable hands makes it a bit easier,’’ said Genco. “I have worked with Mrs. Pormilli for nine years and she is truly one of the most competent and caring professionals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I am sure that she will continue to foster all the characteristics that make Jackson such a special place.”


Superintendent Search Survey - What do You Want in Your School Leader?

  • blackboard with light bulb and chalk circles announcing survey

    Choosing a school leader is one of the most important decisions a Board of Education can make. The board will be evaluating candidates in the coming months, and we want to be sure we are considering all perspectives. We are reaching out to the entire Jackson Community to hear what YOU are looking for in a school leader.

    We invite you to share your thoughts with us through the survey linked below, which should take no more than a few minutes. This survey is anonymous and will close on Jan. 17, 2020.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas with us. 



    There is also an identical STAFF SURVEY that has been emailed to all district staff. 


Superintendent Search Materials

  • Our current superintendent, Dr. Stephen Genco, recently announced his retirement and the Board of Education has embarked on its search to fill this position. Applications are due by Dec. 9, 2019.

    Please view our Superintendent Search Flyer for Information About This Position

    Cover Page of Flyer for Superintendent Search