• 4/6

    Good morning families! I Hope your weekend was restful. This week is a short week! This week's plans are on the same google doc as last weeks so be sure to check those out if you haven't already. 




    It's Friday! We made it through 3 weeks of remote learning and I can't be prouder of how much work you all are doing! I miss all my friends so much! Here is the morning message from today! Have a great weekend friends!



    Good morning friends! I miss you all and I hope you enojy this beautiful day! 

    April 2nd Morning Message



    Welcome April! 

    Good morning everyone! It is April 1st today! I hope everyone is staying healhty and well. Let's hope this weather clears up so we can go outside soon! Below is the morning message for today! 

     April 1st Morning Message

    Here is the link to the learning plan as well. 

    Remote Learning Plan Phase II



    Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is well!

    Below is the Elm's Morning Message for today:

    March 31st Morning Message



    Good morning! Below you will find a link to the new learning plan for this second phase of online learning. As said before, this plan will carry us through until the start of spring break (Thursday April 9th). As always, please reach out to me for anything you need. I am available to you. We can set up video meetings as well, if you need more assistance or would like to speak about anything or just check in. Also please make sure to check back here daily for any updates, as well as Remind and emails. Thank you!

    Remote Learning Plan Phase II


    Ps, continue sending me pictures of the students in action! I love seeing them as it makes us all feel a bit more connected during this crazy time.


     Update: Here is the Elm's Morning Message for today:

    March 30th Morning Message



    Hello everyone! Starting next week, the Remote Learning plans will be posted here on our class page. It will be similar to what you have been working on these past two weeks. Hopefully I can get some more videos up for the students to view as well. These plans will carry us out to the start of spring break. If you would like more activities to do, need some help with finding materials or have questions, please reach out to me via email or Remind. I am also available for a video conference as well. Have a great weekend!



    Hello all! I am excited to finally have this page up and running for us! Here is where I will post daily updates and things of the like. Moving forward, this will be the page where new information will be posted so be sure to check back daily!