• Hello !! So glad we are back to school. It is so important to stay as active as possible during these uncertain times, exercise and physical activity helps keep the mind/body positive and light hearted. On that note :) I'm looking forward to a fun year in health and physical education with lots of NEW activities to learn and participate in. Hope all are well. Below are the codes to my google classroom, please be signed up to your appropriate class by the first day of school. It is SO important to prepared for the virtual aspect of school this year. ALL work will be posted and submitted on the individual google classroom pages. 

    This is year begins diffrently than most. There will be now lockeroom entrance allowed, nor will anyone be receiving a locker. Students will not be changing for physical education, however sneakers are still a requirment for participation as well as clothing (school appropriate) that allows for comfortable movement. As always saftey is our number one concern in the physical education department. 

    My classes will all be meeting within room B203. We will NOT be meeting in the gym. Classes will meet in B203 (on time) where I will take attendance and then conduct stretching for the begining of class. ALL personal belongings will be left in the classroom which will be locked upon our exit form class. This is for the saftey of said personal items. After class we will go back to the classroom to retrieve personal belongings and dismissed for next class. 

    Any questions feel free to email me at dcostello@jacksonsd.org


    Please check the next page for your google classroom code.