Lauren Sacs
  • Lauren Sacs

    Phone: 732-833-4701 x 7144 (Confidential Voicemail)


    Degrees and Certifications: MA Counseling, SAC, LAC

  • Welcome to the SAC (Student Assistance Counselor) Page

    I assist students with social, emotional and behavioral needs (and help them to thrive!)

    This is my 7th year as a SAC (and my 13th year helping young people) 

    My Natural High's are: crossfit, outdoor activities (running, hiking, paddleboarding, boating, rock climbing), cooking, yoga, cheering for Tennessee Volunteers, listening to music, creating art, spending time with my dog, Cheddar and changing the lives of young people!

    What is your natural high?

    To schedule an appointment with me, email me at

    -Ms. Sacs


    Check out my Back to School Night Video:

    SAC Introduction