Welcome to Ms. Conley's 8th Grade Literacy Class!


    Tests/Writings/Major Projects: 50%

    Classwork/Homework: 20%

    Small projects/participation/SSR logs: 30%

    We'll be reading stories and poems, novels, working on vocabulary and grammar, and writing essays: Narrative, Research Simulation, and Literary Analysis. 

    You don't need many supplies for my class, but I do ask that you have the following: 



    Folder for Literacy 

    We do some artsy stuff in my room, so if you like, you can pick up crayons, markers, colored pencils. (I have these supplies so it's not necessary, but some students like to have their own.) 

    I can be reached at jconley@jacksonsd.org

    A bit about me: 

    I've been teaching at McAuliffe for a long time, since 1998! I'm looking forward to meeting you!!