• 8th grade science

    Mrs. Disanza

    In this class, we will be learning about chemistry, physics, atmosphere, and ecology.

    Science curiosity

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    Period 1-2A Class Code: nk5qvpj

    Period 4-5A Class Code: xb7imnp

    Period 5B-6 Class Code: 3z6qvlm


    Grading: For more specific information use the link below for the Class Outline

    25% Homework

    25% Participation

    50% Assessments (Test & Quiz)

General Class Materials


  • See Google Classroom for Home Instruction 


    20 things to indoors with your family

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  • See Google Classroom and/or Chemistry Unit here for further information:

    Monday, 3/30: Bonding Notes
    Tuesday, 3/31: Bonding Basics worksheet (GC assignment to be submitted)
    Wednesday, 4/1: Chemical Reaction Notes
    Thursday, 4/2: Physical vs Chemical Change worksheet (GC assignment to be submitted)
    Friday, 4/3: Balancing Chemical Equations (Need to know Law of Conservation of Mass is equal input and output in all chemical reactions; Balancing Equations worksheet is EXTRA CREDIT ONLY)

    Monday: Test Review (GC assignment to be submitted)
    Tuesday-Wednesday: Test: Open Note (GC assignment to be submitted)

    Extra Help Videos: Khan Academy Covalent Bonds & Law of Conservation of Mass; Video: Covalent vs Ionic; BrainPop for Law of Conservation of Mass

    Kahoot Review Game

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