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     "Education Is Not The Learning Of Facts,

    But The Training Of The Mind To Think"



    In our Science & Engineering classes students will ask questions of themselves, research and gather data, form & test hypothesis, and analyse new data in order to gain new understanding and knowledge.

    Gone are the days of reading a lesson in a text book and completing "review" questions. So too are gone the days of using technology simply for the sake of saying "We did it online". Instead, our students will learn to think and reason through the steps required to gain that new understanding.

    Text and records of facts/evidence will be examined and experiments conducted. Not conducted however merely for the experience or the pleasure of the act, but instead, and most importantly, to arrive  at an outcome that students walked through each step of the way. Not an outcome of predesigned success, but an outcome of cause & effect, comparisons & contradictions, and of examples and explanations.

    My students will begin to become comfortable evaluating their own knowledge. They will think about the author's/scientist's word choices, about the evidence and clues behind Scientific theory and fact, as well as wotk with design and structure within the perameters of Enegineering. My students will learn to express the ideas that are confirmed, challenged and those that surprised them along the path of discovery.


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     My name is Michael Genovese. I have been teaching in the Jackson School District for 19 years. I first began my career teaching 4th grade at the Switlik Elementary School where I remained for eight years. Next it was off to the Elms Elementary School teaching 5th grade Math, Science & Social Studies for six years, and finally now teaching Science, Forensics & Engineering for my 5th year at the Christa McAuliffe Middle School. 

    It all began with a desire to teach children to Think for themselves. To gain a better education and to ultimately create a better life for themselves than the previous generations may have experienced. That was the beginning, and it is still now the drive behind teaching the students of today to empower themselves to become the betterment of tomorrow.  

    In order to reach me, below you will find my email address. Please note that due to my family schedule, I will very rarely check my email after 3pm. Should you need to email, I will recieve all messages the following school day.