• Hi everyone!

    I hope you had a fantastic break and were able to unplug and get some time off-line!

     As we ease back into the 4th marking period with remote learning I want to keep it simple and continue to post each day's tasks. 


    Below I will outline the expectations for the 4th marking period just so you can get an idea/game plan for what is to come. Keep in mind this is not all at once and I will guide you through step by step so no worries!


    • We will be completing a daily reading log and/or daily 20min of signing into the Read180 program.
    • We will be completing a speech assignment and presenting them using flipgrid or sending a video via email. (End of MP4)
    • We will be completing some CommonLit reading and writing assignments. 
    • We will start a class novel together. 
    • Bi-Weekly Google meets to check in. 


    I am looking forward to another great remote learning session! Please continue to communicate with me with any questions or concerns that may arise.


    Please follow link to my google classroom for all REMOTE LEARNING PLANS. 



    Period 1/2 join code: czuhul4

    Period 4/5 join code: 32lckvg

    Period 7/8 join code: n4sgtxu

    You can contact me at: jgriffith@jacksonsd.org