Click here for my Back to School Night Video

    Welcome Everyone!

    I hope you had a fantastic first half of the year. 

    As we are now full swing into our remote learning I want to keep it simple and have some fun! We will continue using Google classroom as our home base. (link below)

    An overview of third marking period is as followed: RST(research simulation writing), Plot development and guided reading, Use of textual evidence, Worshop 5(continued) and an emphasis on vocabulary and decoding skills. 

    I am looking forward to another great remote learning session! Please continue to communicate with me as any questions or concerns arise.


    Please follow the link to my google classroom for all REMOTE LEARNING PLANS AND COMMUNICATION. All join codes will be given by email. 

    Google Classroom: https://classroom.google.com/c/MTUzMzI5NjE1MTA1

     You can contact me at: jgriffith@jacksonsd.org


    Learning Ally:

    1. Learningally.org
    2. Enter login information
    - User name: Jgriffith@jacksonsd.org
    - Password: Read123
    2. Go to “my bookshelf”
    3. On the left side, should be something that says “my listening device” then download to what device they are using (chrome book, P.C./Mac, iPhone, Android, etc)

    4. You may have to download the app each time you use your bookshelf and log in again using the above information. 



    Daily schedule


    8:05 - 8:14

    Period 1-2A

    8:16 - 9:05

    Period 2B-3

    9:07 - 9:56

    Period 4-5A

    9:58 - 10:47

    Period 5B - break/ lunch

    10:49 - 11:04

    Period 6-7A

    11:06 - 11:55

    Period 7B-8

    11:57 - 12:46

    Extra help, small group instruction, additional lessons

    1:00 - 3:00