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    Welcome to 2021 -2022!  





     head shot My name is Ms. Amy North and I have been teaching at McAuliffe since 1999.      This year I will be teaching 6th grade Art, 8th grade Art Studio Elective and will also be found teaching Sign Language for Ms Strizki's and Mrs Hamman's classes!                           

    I am also the Mural Club Advisor.  This is an after school program for eighth grade students. Please look for more information about the Mural Club under the    "TEAMS/CLUBS/ACTIVITIES" tab on the McAuliffe website! 


    Our Art Classes here at McAuliffe are amazing opportunities to get your hands dirty, express yourself, and enjoy a class that is full of fun and experimentation! Get ready to learn about types of art, some amazing artists and times in history and create original art using the Elements and Principles of Design!


    I am so looking forward to a wonderful year and sharing my passion for working with clay, painting, drawing and all things ART! 



    Any questions please email me at anorth@jacksonsd.org


    FOR PER 1 6TH GRADE ART USE CODE - gyctg6d

     FOR PERIOD 2b-3b 8th GR ART STUDIO A DAY USE CODE - 4qctdkm
    FOR  PER 5B-6B 6TH GRADE ART USE CODE - cal57jk

    FOR PER 6B-7A 6TH GRADE ART USE CODE  - y4t33ih

    FOR PERIOD 7b-8 8th GR ART STUDIO B DAY USE CODE - l5llxvi


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    Escriba el número del alumno: 1234567@ jacksonsd.org  

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    Contraseña =  fs1234567

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