Spanish 4 is designed for the academically successful student, who has completed a level 3 or 3 Honors Program. Students will learn and enagage in more complex conversational, listening and writing skills. Through the use of technology, high order level thinking activities and cross- cultural activities students will further explore the Spanish language and culture.







    Welcome to Spanish 4 - Period 1 - Semester 2

    My name is Magalie Alvarez-Mahabir and I will be your Spanish teacher for this year. I look forward to a wonderful year of exploring the Spanish language and culture with you!


    Suggested Materials: 

    - A 1 and 1/2 inch. binder

    - Loose leaf paper

    (1)  pocket folder

    -  3x5 index cards

    - 1 subject notebook



     What to expect...

    In an effort to acquire the necessary skills to be successful in this class,

    Students will: be exploring higher order level thiniking authentic materials, such as news papers, news segments, interviews, Spanish movies and so much more.

    Students will: be able to make unique and calculated cultural comparisons and global connections between the United States and Spanish countries.

    Students will: continue to practice and enhance complex writing skills as you learn more complex vocabulary and grammatical structures.


    Students will: Use Google Voice to practice and enhance your linguistic abilities.

    Students will: experience holiday celebrations as practiced in Spanish countries.