Welcome to Ms. Dusko's Classes 

    Semester I 2022-2023


    Here you will find my schedule, how to contact me, & a few other bits of information you may need.

    All assignments are visible on Google Classroom.   

    During this semester, I can be reached via email Mon.- Thurs. 7:05- 2:00 & Fri. 7:05-1:45  I will respond to you as quickly as possible.


    Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns.  I can be reached at cdusko@jacksonsd.org 


    Semester I Schedule:                                                                            Semester II:

    Per. 1 -     Spanish 1- ICS with Mrs. Witham / room C221                  Period 1

    Per. 2 -    Prof.                                                                                        Period 2 - 

    Per. 3 -    English 2- B 109                                                                    Period 3 - 

    Per. 4 -    English 2 - ICS with Ms. Borrelli / room  C103                    Period 4 - 





    Please see my shared class pages with the teachers listed above for any information you need; assignments, links, supplemental programs used, procedures, rules, etc. 



    **IMC resources/passwords have changed, so make sure you read the following since / if you're signing on from home...

    **Ebscohost, Ebscohost eBooks (Includes Points of View and Academic Search Premier)

    **Database username and password for:

     ABC:CLIO and Infobase (Facts on File)


    Login: jackson08527

    Password: changed.. info found on IMC page


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    "Logic will get you from A-Z; imagination will get you everywhere."-Albert Einstein




  • Per 1-English 2 - Res. plans/assignments can be found on my Google Classroom

    Per 2- English 1-ICS (with Mr. Disanza) ...my lesson plans and assignments can be found on our combined Google Classroom.

    Per 3- English 3-ICS (with Mrs. Dembinski)... my lesson plans and assignments can be found on our combined Google Classroom.

    Per 4 - Prep.


  • What do we do every year in English?  A course-long project called an Authentic Assessment has been created and will be in effect for the 2021-2022 academic year for every class in the English Dept.

    Themes are grade specific and will integrate non-fiction, fiction, dramatic literature, research, journal writing, and formal writing.  A project and a final exam will also be part of this unit.

    More details will be posted throughout this semester.  Students and parents are strongly encouraged to track the requirements for this project-based assessment.



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