Soldier's Angels

    Thank you to all the children, parents, and staff members who helped room #107 reach their goal of filling 25 stockings for the soldiers. The stockings are on their way to Texas where they will be shipped overseas. Look for an upcoming article in Pride about our class project.




    It is Conference Time


    If you have not signed up for a conference please check the website and sign-up.


    We will be conducting a short unit on shapes, How our world takes form. The ability to accurately identify shapes is a foundational mathematical skill, and it is quite rewarding for children because their world is full of shapes. Understanding shapes will enable students to be more in tune to the world around them and see the connections between objects, as well as being better able to appreciate artistic works. One artist in particular we will be exploring is Kandinsky. Examples of his works with shapes can be found online for you and your child to enjoy together.

    y name is Mrs. J. Ebeling, your child's teacher. I am joined in the room with Mrs. K. Mitchell, Mrs. M. Black, and Ms. N. Albine. Together we work to create a safe learning environment that meets the needs of all our students.

    Our schedule this year is as follows:








    Please provide a healthy snack as we have an early lunch-10:15.


    A little about me...

    I have been in the Jackson School District since January 2006. I have a degree in Special Education (Teacher of the Handicapped), a degree in Elementary Education, a Master of Education, and the Reading Specialist Certification. I have worked in all levels in Jackson, most recently middle and high school. Of course this year I will be at Goetz full time. In 2003 I was honored to receive the Teacher of the Year Award for the state of New Jersey. This was awarded to me by the Council For Exceptional Children. I strive daily to maintain the integrity and fortitude representative of that esteemed award.   

    As well as being an educator, I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. As a family, we enjoy traveling the United States, hiking, camping, kayaking, exploring and just having fun. I am an avid reader, a joy I have passed along to my children and grandchildren and hope to pass along to your children. I truly enjoy working with children and plan to help them all reach their full potential. Thank you for your support.