•    Good morning. We will be meeting today at 10:00am. Please have paper and pencil ready, thank you. Today we will do day 4 in our math warm-ups, discuss the story you read last night. I know it was disappointing that the Crew Dragon was unable to launch due to bad weather but they will try again Saturday or Sunday. I hope the stories you read gave you some insight into Life in Space, just like the astronauts will experience. 







                                                                    See you at 10:00





    Good morning. We will get together today at 10:00 to do day 4 math warm-up and review The National Symbol-The Bald Eagle. Please have paper and pencil ready, be ready to share your response to the Key Question and be ready to learn. Thank you! 




    Thank you for teaching us so many new exciting things yesterday, we all enjoyed it. Today we will review Day 3 math and then find out How something becomes a recognizable symbol of the United States. We will see you at 10:00. Please have paper and pencil ready, thank you!    


    Tuesday will be so exciting as you become the teachers! Please be ready to teach us all something new! We will review Day 2 of math first and then it is up to you to share with the rest of us. It could be a math problem, something from your mind map, something about Memorial Day, or something about the National Symbols. I have put new spelling words on Spelling City about Memorial Day. Another story to read in Raz Kids is Memorial Day - Level N.  If time allows I will show you how to make a paper poppy craft. I hope everyone checked in with Mrs. Kasper today. I look forward to seeing you Tuesday at 10:00!







    As a reminder...Mrs. Ebeling will not be available for our Google Meet on Monday. Attached in your email is the weekly math warm-ups, please do Day #1 as usual. Attached is a Me Mind Map that I would like you to fill out today and be ready to share Tuesday at our 10:00 Meet. Please complete the attached National Symbol Riddles page as well. This week we will be learning about Memorial Day. Please go on RAZ KIDS and read American Symbols- level G. These 4 activities will provide many choices for you to Teach The Teachers Tuesday! Be ready to share with us, but make sure you have the answers. Please check my Google Classroom page and find the question of the day. Post an answer to the question on the classroom page, that will count as attendance instead of our Google Meet. If you can not find it, do not panic, this is all new to us, no worries. I look forward to learning all new things Tuesday!







    We will see you at 10:oo. 


    We had so much fun yesterday that we have decided every Tuesday will be Teach the Teachers Day! Today we will review our circle graphs and day 3 math warm-up. Then we will make a sentence better! Check in at 10:00 to join us.





    Today is Teach the Teachers Day! Mrs. Black, Mrs. Mitchell and I can not wait for you to teach us something you learned on Sumdog, Raz Kids or Spelling City yesterday. It will be exciting for us. See you at 10:00.






    Good Monday Morning. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. This morning at our 10:00am meeting we will do day #1 of our math warm-ups, and review our pictographs.Please have paper and pencil ready. See you at 10:00.





    Today is Friday may 8th. Today we will review week #29 math Assessment, have a book talk about your story, and interpret a text message. Please have paper and pencil ready to participate, thank you! See you at 10:00



    Good Morning.Today is Thursday May 7th. At 10:00 am we will review the Mother's Day story, answer the questions, and share an idea you have for Mother's Day. We will also do day 4 of our math warm-ups and have a challenge on some basic math skills. Please be ready to tell us about the story you read on RAZ KIDS last night, we enjoy our Book Talks. I will be sending you another pictograph to work on later today. See you at 10:00.