¡Bienvenidos a nuestra clase de español!

     It is my goal to create a safe, welcoming and enjoyable environment which will set the tone for the students to benefit from the concepts and activities that will be introduced.


    Class materials: Notebook, Pen, Pencil

    Grading Policy: Assessments (projects, written, verbal): 50%

                           Homework:                                          20%

                           Participation:                                       30%


    Please check the portal regularly.

    Recommended sites:     Google Classroom*




    *Google Classroom Class Codes:

    Period 01 - xoijzf4

    Period 03 - 2ngv9o

    Period 04/05 - sk8vk56

    Period 06 - otd1t53

    Period 07 - 4lnghy

    Period 08 - pdmbds5