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    Welcome to World History! 

    History, the human story. This course is designed  to study the geographical, political, cultural, social, and economic events and ideas that have contributed to the development of the world.


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  • Please keep in mind the following:

    You have homework every night! It may be reading the daily (textbook)  lesson, studying for the weekly map test (usually on Wednesdays), working on your chapter packet, and/or studying for the weekly chapter test (usually on Fridays).

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  • Schedule Semester 2

    Period 1      Honors World History

    Period 2      ICS CP World History with Mr.Tart

    Period 3     CP  World History 

    Period 4     Professional


    If you need to stay after school for extra help, please arrange it with me beforehand. 

    2nd Period World can also stay with Mr. Tart.