Welcome to  Seventh Grade Literacy!  HIDE HIDE

    Please feel free to Email: tkocen@jacksonsd.org with any questions or concerns!   Google Classroom is where most class assignments are posted! Other assignments are to be marked by each student in their planners daily. Happy learning! :)

    Our year will be filled with many facets of Literacy. Students will learn and practice Study Skills, Reading Comprehension and Writing strategies based on the state standards. We will be reading Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction and Drama. There will be a variety of writing assignments, including creative, argumentative, and narrative. We will be integrating source material in various types of writing following MLA formatting standards and the mechanics of writing. The students in this class will also be working on various research and creative writing.  Other differentiated activities and group projects will also be incorporated.

    There will be one book project assigned per marking period, and students will be provided with instructions and given ample time to complete the task. All books are to be approved by the teacher.

    Please refer to this class page for some online resources. For upcoming due dates and assignments, please see our Google Classroom and your child's planner!  Thanks so much!  :)



    Mrs. Kocen