• Forces of Flight  


    Instructor: Major Mike Macagnone
    Contact: mjmacagnone@jacksonsd.org   (732) 833-4642
    Course: AFJROTC: The Science of Flight
                               Principles of Management

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     The goal of the Science of Flight class is for each student to gain an understanding of the forces/physics of flight, how aircraft operate, and the environment in which they fly.  The next time you are on an aircraft you will appreciate and understand how it is operating.

    The goal of the Leadership Education IV (Principles of Management) class is to study contemporary principles of managment and apply them as cadet leaders in the managment of the cadet corps.




  • Flight Control

    AS I, II, and IIIs:  Mondays and Tuesdays bring your Science of Flight Textbook.  LE IV: Wednesday and Thursdays bring your Principles of Management Textbook.