Computer Literacy

  • All projects for Q3 are due April 7th.  The final project is counted as an assessment. 

    Grading will be:

    A- Exceeds - Criteria/Goals
    B- Meets Criteria/Goals
    C- Meets Criteria/Goals - However, missing some elements
    D- Does Not Meet Criteria/Goals
    F- Did not complete the project


    All lessons for Computer Literacy are posted daily on my Google Classroom.  Students are to submit work via Google Classroom or email (


    Computer Literacy Class Code:  2bfks4l


    Students - Please send me PHOTOS of you virtual learning!


    Computer Literacy is a 10 week, project based course. Students will have an introduction to computer and informational literacy.  Students will demonstrate skills, and use tools necessary for computer applications using Google Classroom.  They will also understand the nature and impact of technology in their lives.  

    Please see classroom bulletin board for after school extra help.

    Please feel free to email with any questions -