• Welcome to Q4 Video Tech


    All Video Footage for Editing is due Monday, May 15th


    June 5th - Final Music Video and Animation Google Slides Due
    Everyone should be filming for their Music Video



    Video cameras are available upon request


    Extra Help - Homeroom Daily - Mondays After School until 3:00 - Late Bus Only


    Back to School Night Video - Back To School - 2023


    Video Tech is designed to expose students to digital media with an emphasis on video production. It covers the production process from conceptualization to pre-production planning, video camera shooting, non-linear editing, and finalizing/distribution. Students will produce a music video project. The majority of class time is dedicated to editing our projects using Adobe Premier Pro.  Outside class time for filming is required.  Students will be provided cameras if they do not have a cellphone for video production.

    Critique, constructive criticism and honest feedback are an integral part of the class that fulfill a key core curriculum content standard.

    Please feel free to email with any questions - dapotter@jacksonsd.org






    Homeroom/ SEL 8:05 - 8:19

    Period 1 - 8:21 - 9:05

    Period 2 - 9:07 - 9:51

      Period 3 - 9:53 - 10:37

        Period 4 - 10:39 - 11:23

        Period 5 - 11:25 - 12:09

       Period 6 - 12:11- 12:55

      Period 7 - 12:57 - 1:41

    Period 8 - 1:43 - 2:27


     After School Help - Monday and Wednesdays until 3:00.  Students must take the late bus home.


    Class Policies and Rules:  Class Rules - Video Tech



    50% Project Assessments
    30% Classwork
    20% Weekly Participation (timely submission of assignments)

    Be sure to review all rubrics and requirements carefully prior to submitting work. Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in a zero.


    All lessons for Video Tech are posted on my Google Classroom.  Students have to submit work via Google Classroom or email (DAPotter@jacksonsd.org).