• Mr. Richard Raney

    9th Grade Health/Physical Education



    Welcom to the 2017 - 2018 school year. I am excited to begin my 25th year teaching here in the Jackson school district. Please know that I care about your children and want them to have a wonderful high school experience. I will not tolerate any bullying, harassment, or negative comments about students. 

    I demand respect for myself and I give the same respect to all my students. Every day is a new opportunity to be a positive presence in my class room. I look forward to great days; however, I understand that students experience difficulties from time to time. I will encourage all students to have a positive approach each and every day.

    Parents, please refrain from calling your children during school hours on their cell phones. In an emergency, you can call the school and they will call me on my school phone and your child will be sent to the office so that you can talk to them as needed.

     Your children will be given a locker in the gym and they are to secure their phones and any other valuables before entering the gym for class.  

    Students: I look forward to meeting you and working with you this year. You do not have to be the best athlete in my class to get a good grade. Youyr grade is based on being prepared(gym clothes), participating to the best of your ability, and having a great attitude toward the class and your classmates.  Remember that if you maintain a 93 average for each marking period, you will qualify to be exempt from the final exam. As of right now, my final exam for 9th graders is 150 questions, and 100 questions for my 11th grade class.

    Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me through either e-mail or phone:


    732-833-4600 ext. 7217


    Best wishes for a wonderful year.

    Mr. Richard Raney