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    Chances are if you are here, you or your student is in one of my classes this semester!

    Welcome! I am Ms. Sedeyn and I teach a number of business courses. Course descriptions and expectations in addition to helpful links, financial news and many other resources not only for students and parents will be available throughout the academic year. 

    I focus on entering grades once a week and encourage you to sign up for my weekly summary email using a Google account. Using the Google Parent/Guardian Summary will give you the opportunity to check assignments and see completed/missing work for your student. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me by calling 732-833-4600 or email me at rsedeyn@jacksonsd.org


    Semester 1 Schedule 2017

    Period 1 Law for Business and Personal Use

    Period 3 Financial Literacy

    Period 4 Financial Literacy