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    The school district will be providing a “grab-and-go lunch” to students at the end of the day. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PROVIDE YOUR CHILD WITH A HEALTHY SNACK EACH DAY. Thank you!



    At the end of each school day, students will pick up a grab and go bag, which will contain lunch for that day as well as a breakfast for the following morning.

    Students MAY NOT eat their grab-and-go lunch on the bus.




    Dear Switlik Families,

    Please see important information below regarding Free and Reduced Meals:

    Free and Reduced Meal Applications Should be Submitted ASAP

    Although the government has made meals free for all students for the remainder of this year, all families who believe they qualify for free or reduced meal benefits should still apply so their benefits are in place at the beginning of next school year.

    Please visit our Free and Reduced Meal Application Page ASAP to get your application in right away.

    You can apply online and find out immediately if you qualify! 


    Durante este Período Remoto Completo, las comidas de desayuno y almuerzo estarán disponibles para recoger en cada una de las escuelas de nuestro distrito.

    Visite su escuela local entre las 8:30 a.m. y las 11:30 a.m. todos los días escolares.

    Si tiene preguntas o inquietudes especiales, comuníquese con el Departamento de Servicios de Alimentos al 732-415-7014.

    Las solicitudes de comidas gratuitas y reducidas deben presentarse lo antes posible
    Aunque el gobierno ha hecho que las comidas sean gratuitas para todos los estudiantes hasta el 31 de diciembre, todas las familias que crean que califican para los beneficios de comidas gratis o reducidas aún deben presentar una solicitud para asegurarse de que el beneficio esté vigente durante el resto del año escolar.

    Visite nuestra página de solicitud de comidas gratis y a precio reducido lo antes posible para recibir su solicitud de inmediato.

    ¡Puede presentar su solicitud en línea y averiguar inmediatamente si califica!



      Always check the Google Classroom for Homework assignments each night in the Homework section. We are now attending in school classes everyday from 8:55 - 1:35.


    Here is our schedule:


    8:55-9:05 - Homeroom & SEL Morning Meeting

    9:05-11:05 - Literacy (If you are with Mrs. Morales for Literacy please attend her meet at this time)

    11:05-11:35- Math

    11:35 - 12:05 - Specials (Mon-Computers, Tues-Art, Wed-Gym, Thurs-Music, Fri-Library)

    12:20-12:35- Snack

    12:40-1:10 - Science/Social Studies - ELL students leave for their class

    1:15 - Pepare for dismissal



    **** We are starting multiplication in math - a good website for this skill is Dads worksheets. Here you can find worksheets to print out along with a section to print out flashcards to help your child study and learn their facts.  *******




    Please follow the day by day schedule - remote students are to complete the daily assignments during school hours and should have assignments ready for our Google meet@2:20 for review.

    Please also be aware that the schedule for assignments may change from time to time - so check the schedule below for any changes.




     Pre- and Post On Demand Writing Assessments

     For each Unit of Writing’ Workshop, students complete a Pre-on Demand writing sample at the onset of the new unit and then a Post On Demand piece upon completion of the unit. The Pre On Demand piece is a formative assessment used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the student(s) before beginning the unit of study.The Pre On Demand sample does not count toward the student’s grade. This assessment equips the teacher with an understanding of the student(s) needs while preparing instruction to meet the needs of his(her) learners. 

    At the end of each unit, the students will complete a Post On Demand sample which is a summative assessment counting toward the student’s performance on the unit. The teacher analyzes each piece to identify the growth the student has made since writing the first sample.

    Each assessment is scored on a rubric that analyzes development of ideas, organization, elaboration as well as conventions including sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization , and grammar. It is expected that the child will show growth from the onset. 

    The rubric is scored on a scale of 1 - 4, with four being the highest score.

    It should be noted that the rubric used is set on a June expectation.


    4= writing exceeds grade level expectations

    3= writing is on grade level and meets the expectations of the grade level.

    2= writing is approaching grade level expectations.

    1= writing is below grade level expectations





     Our schedule this year will be a busy one. We will start off the year with multiplication and will be taking Fast Facts in addition, subtraction, and multiplication. We will continue to learn Literacy skills in Reading and Writer's Workshop. Fundations will be used to improve our spelling and phonics skills. We will contiune to work with our Science and Social Studies curriculum this school year. All programs will be both challenging and exciting, but we will continue to promote the love for reading, writing, math, science, and social studies that will last a life time! 

    Please check the schedule below for our lunch and specials for the week.Always refer to my class page and the planner for important notices and upcoming evens.


    Remote learners will join me on google meet @2:20 each day, the link is under my name. Attendance will be taken during the meet, those that do not attend will be marked absent for the day.


    In Person Days: 9:05-1:35

    Group 1- last name begins with A-K
    Attends school in-person on Mondays, Wednesdays and alternating Fridays and works remotely the other days.
    Group 2- last name begins with L-Z
    Attends school in-person on Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternating Fridays and works remotely the other days.


    Our Weekly Schedule for Groups 1 and 2:                   

            Snack@ 12:20 each day

    Please go to our Special Area Teachers Google classroom for class meets and schedules. All Specials start the first day of school. You will find your special for the day on the link above - remember specials are only scheduled for your remote learning days. 

                                    Library - Ms. Palme

                                    Music - Mr. Morgan

                                    Computers - Mr. Autenrieth

                                    Art - Ms. Martinez

                                    Gym - Mr. Hamdi

    Dates and Events:

     March 1 - In person learning begins for both groups for 5 days  8:55 - 1:35. I will let students know about google meets at 2:20.

    March 3 - Picture retakes and make up for those who were absent

    Switlik School Pictures – Wednesday, January 13 & Thursday, January 14

    Students who attend Hybrid sessions at Switlik will have their pictures taken on the day that they are in school during Wednesday, January 13, (Group1) or Thursday, January 14 (Group2).

    Please note that only individual student pictures will be taken this year. Group classroom pictures will not be taken.


    To place an order with BNL pictures please click on this link

    Attention "Full Synchronous Learners” ( Students who were in the Hybrid Learning program and are now currently working remotely with their classroom teacher). Please make sure to sign up through the SignUpGenius link for one of the photo session slots.  

    Students who are currently on "Full Remote Learning" may sign up for a session on Wednesday, January 13, or Thursday, January 14. 

    Parents can go to the Switlik Website to select a time slot through the SignUpGenius link.

    Pictures for "Full Remote Learning" students will take place after school hours beginning at 2:00 pm. 

    Please make sure to arrive within your 15-minute time slot. Students ONLY will be admitted into the building via the Gym entrance located in the back of the building (Parent Pick up and Drop off). Pictures will be taken in the Gym vestibule.


    Group 1= Blue M/W
    Group 2= Orange T/Th.
    Jan 2021


                                               WE ARE A BUCKET FILLER CLASSROOM !!

    Bucket Filler... or not .... it's your CHOICE !!!

     If you are picking up your child early or you have a change concerning child care, please send in a note to let me know so I can pass on the information to the office. We will be working hard on our Math facts, taking mad minutes in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Our Switlik Reading Challenge will be an important part of our Literacy program. Your child should read at least one half hour each night, which would equal 2 steps. The reading log will come home every night and needs to be signed by an adult showing that reading took place. We will read 2 steps each day in class and I will sign the log each day. Remember to use one line for each 15 minutes your child reads, this makes it easier to keep track of their steps. Please take time to check out the PTN website for all their upcoming events. 


    ***** Some important information will be coming home in your child's homework folder. Please check it each night so you do not miss out on any classroom news or school events. Always check the school website for upcoming events. Please sign the planner each night and check and see that HW is completed. Reading every night is important to help your child succeed for years to come, so make sure it is signed only if you have seen the reading take place. Logging and reading each night is also to be completed on the weekends.




    I kindly ask that you email me (packerman@jacksonsd.org) so that I have your correct email in my address book. Be sure to put your name and child's name in the email. THANKS!


    School Supplies

    • I will be providing students with all of the supplies they will need to start the year off right.
    • I have provided them with a pencil box with supplies they will need - this pencil box stays in the classroom at all times.

    Please label everything that comes in, including water bottles. And don't forget sweatshirts/jackets as the weather will start to get cooler!  This can be as easy as pinning a ribbon or piece of fabric inside the clothing, so you DO NOT have to write on it. 

    • In the backpack, it is also encouraged to have an extra mask or 2 incase the 1st one gets misplaced or dirty.  Please be sure that the clean masks are in a labeled bag or container. Dirty masks will just be put in their backpack so you know the difference.Please remember that it is mandatory that the children wear masks all day.
    • The students are also encouraged to bring in a water bottle each day. We will not have access to the water fountain due to the current situation, so I kindly ask that a water bottle be sent in everyday (it must be water, no juice in the classroom).
    • Please have your student bring back their student ID card the first day their group comes into the classroom.
    • Please remember to bring in your planner every day.
    • Our room gets pretty chilly so I recommend the students bring a sweatshirt to keep in their backpack, especially at the start of the year when it is much warmer outside than in our classroom!
    • Lunches may be purchased, but is recommended to bring a bagged lunch.
    • I will be meeting the "at home" group in the afternoon each day around 2:20.  More information on this will be shared shortly. 
    • Please send in a note if there will be a change in dismissal for your child. All dismissal notes are sent down to the office in the morning. It is IMPORTANT that you date these notes, include your child's full name, and my name.

    *There will be no snack or food of any kind in the classroom. There will be no celebrations in the classroom or lunchroom at this time.

      **** Please make sure you go into my class page each day for the schedule for the week and important messages !! **** 


     Class Page: Our class page will be updated daily with any important information that is happening in our classroom and announcements that pertain to our class, school, and community. 

     Google Meet: Google Meetings will be held each remote learning day. The link to access the google meet will be found in the google classroom under my name.

    Google Classroom: My class page is where the schedule is for the week and lessons will be posted on Google classroom when listed on the schedule.

    Chromebooks have been provided to each student for use at home and in school for the duration of the 2020-2021 school year. Please remember to bring your chromebooks to school each day and charge every night so they are accessible for in person and remote learning. Please review chromebooks protocol and expectations below:



    Google Meet/Hangout




    ******  Please keep checking the school/district web page and my class page for any updates.  

    *******Multiplication fast facts are availuable on the Dadsworksheets.com to print out and practice. This too can be placed in their folders. There are also some good practice icons on the Switlik website - your students know how to access them.  





    How to Login to Pearson (SAVVAS) Math Site

    Log into Your Google Account - and then go to the Easy Bridge App! 

    Pearson EasyBridge Plus Login

    Link It Literacy Remote Instruction 

    The following are the codes needed to sign on to Test.linkit.com for your daily assignments.


    Free Stories Online


    Free Learning Websites for Kids