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     Week 3 and 4 Remote Learning Lessons 3/30-4/8

    **** Great Job on your assignments this week!!! Some of my friends have not completed all of the assignments from week 3 - please catch up on these assignments and send them to me as soon as possible.  I do check them when they are sent. For my friends who sent their work - THANK YOU ! If the assignment is in my google class room - please complete the assignment there and submit( turn in) it like we did in class.   If there is not submit button, share it with me through email.**** 


    Please read and log 2 steps

    Math - study your facts

    Topic 13 Test on 4/8

    Science - project due on 4/8 in google classroom

    Please catch up on any missed work from this week.



    ******  Please keep checking the school/district web page and my class page for any updates.  

    *******Multiplication fast facts are availuable on the Dadsworksheets.com to print out and practice. This too can be placed in their folders. There are also some good practice icons on the Switlik website - your students know how to access them. 

    Please make sure you are checking the remote plans each day to complete the day's assignments. 

    Check out the class page for our teachers that teach us our specials each week.

    The Pearson site is having some issues - if you are not able to get on right away - please try it again later.  



     Please begin to complete all assignments online. Assignments will need to be done online and pictures of Math assignments from the book will need to be submitted in your child's google account or emailed to me. This will give me access to the work.  Assignments in the google classroom need to be completed and submitted to me. They are based on the daily plans ,so please complete them each day.  Remember to read and log each day  for 30 minutes.

    ******  Please try and do your best on ALL assignments.  I am checking the results each day and know you all can do well if you take your time and check your work.

    Good Morning - Today is Friday, April 3, 2020.  Please continue your hard work. Please stay focused on your assignments and follow the daily plans. Remember to work independently when possible. As you work please take pictures of your pages and send them to me in your google account or email them to me so I can check your work.  Things are changing but we will work together to do our best.  Stay safe and healthy. Thank You


    How to Login to Pearson Math Site

    Log into Your Google Account - and then go to the Easy Bridge App! 

    Pearson EasyBridge Plus Login

    Link It Literacy Remote Instruction 

    The following are the codes needed to sign on to Test.linkit.com for your daily assignments.


    Free Stories Online


    Free Learning Websites for Kids  


    Our schedule this year will be a busy one. We will start off the year with multiplication and will be taking Fast Facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We will continue to learn Literacy skills in Reading and Writer's Workshop. Words Their Way will be used to improve our spelling and phonics skills. We will contiune to work with our new Science and Social Studies curriculum this school year. All programs will be both challenging and exciting, but we will continue to promote the love for reading, writing, math, science, and social studies that will last a life time! 

    Please check the schedule below for our lunch and specials for the week.Always refer to my class page and the planner for important notices and upcoming events.

    Our Weekly Schedule 

    Lunch@12:15 - 12:45

    Monday - Music

    Tuesday - Computers  

     Wednesday - Gym - Please wear sneakers !!

    Thursday - Art - Please send in an Art smock !!!

    Friday - World Language


    Bucket Filler... or not .... it's your CHOICE !!!


    If you are picking up your child early or you have a change concerning child care, please send in a note to let me know so I can pass on the information to the office. We will be working hard on our Math facts, taking mad minutes in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Our Switlik Reading Challenge will be an important part of our Literacy program. Your child should read at least one half hour each night, which would equal 2 steps. The reading log will come home every night and needs to be signed by an adult showing that reading took place. We will read 2 steps each day in class and I will sign the log each day. Remember to use one line for each 15 minutes your child reads, this makes it easier to keep track of their steps. Please take time to check out the PTN website for all their upcoming events. 


    ***** Some important information will be coming home in your child's homework folder. Please check it each night so you do not miss out on any classroom news or school events. Always check the school website for upcoming events. Please sign the planner each night and check and see that HW is completed. Reading every night is important to help your child succeed for years to come, so make sure it is signed only if you have seen the reading take place. Logging and reading each night is also to be completed on the weekends.



    Please feel free to contact me by a note in the planner or at packerman@jacksonsd.org.





    * Website: Google (Log Into Your Student E-mail Account)

    *Click on Google Apps - Look for Your Easy Bridge App

    *Click Easy Bridge, Select Pearson Realize!

    *Your Google Sign in is - student id# @jacksonsd.org

    *Password is your initials and student id# (unless you changed it)


    If you need your password reset or your student id# sent to you, please let me know!

  • Our weekly Schedule: Lunch - 12:15 - 12:45

                                    Recess - 1:45 - 2:05     

                             Monday - Computers - Week A

                                           Media - Week B

                             Tuesday - Gym - WEAR YOUR SNEAKERS !

                             Wednesday - World Language

                             Thursday - Art

                             Friday - Music

    Bathroom breaks as needed - Student must sign out when they leave and sign in when they return.