Dear Smart Cookies and Awesome Parents, 

        1 Welcome to 3rd grade! We (Mrs. Sanzone and I) hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready to meet new friends and learn more exciting skills.  Yes, you will have 2 teachers all year.  Double the fun! Our class is decorated in a STARBUCKS theme.  We know you will be "LEARNING A-LATTE" this year.  We are looking forward to meeting "Our Perfect Blend" of  students on Thursday, Sept. 5th.  

    NOTE: We look forward to meeting you at Back to School Night on Tuesday, Sept. 24th  at 7:00 pm in the APR.

    0 If you would like to go shopping for supplies, the below this would be SUPER helpful to help you stay organized all year. PLEASE SEND IN THE BELOW SUPPLIES BY FRI., SEPT. 13th.  Thank you very much for your support.

    1     Five subject spiral notebook WITH POCKET FOLDERS (sold in Shop Rite, Target, Walmart...) 

    2 packs of POST IT NOTES, any color 

    1 SHARPIE black marker 

    1 blue or red ball point pen 

    3-4 sharpened pencils 

    a small supply case to put the above small supplies in 

    2 sturdy pocket folders, any color or design 

    OPTIONAL:  glue stick, scissor,  highlighter (any color), crayons (no more than 16, please)   We will provide these items, however, if you would like to have your own, feel free to purchase the ones you like best.

    1 If you are feeling generous, we would LOVE a box of tissues for the whole class.  Many thanks in advance!



     MONDAY Computers     

    TUESDAY   Music with Ms. Burnett

    WEDNESDAY  Art with Mrs. Thomas

    THURSDAY   World Language with Senora McDonald


    1 LUNCH 1:15-1:45     

    0 **Since our lunch is 1:15-1:45, we will have a snack at around 10:00  everyday. If you choose to bring a snack, please make sure it is healthy (fruit, cheese stick, crackers, pretzels, veggies, Cheeze-its, Goldfish, a small yogurt, etc..)  Please do not bring cookies, chips, etc.. 





    Pearsonrealize.com   Directions:

    LOG IN :  LUNCH#   PASSWORD: Initials 03   Ex: Sue Miller  SM03    

    XTRA MATH LOGIN will be posted  in your child's planner (front page)  They must put my email address:  sralkalay@jacksonsd.org  


    Our classroom is a RESPONSIVE CLASSROOM.   Please go to  responsiveclasssroom.org  to learn more about this wonderful, research based, and effective philosophy!

    1  Please feel free to email me at  sralkalay@jacksonsd.org  with any questions or concerns.  All the best for a wonderful and successful year! 

    1 Mrs. Alkalay