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    Dear Fabulous 3rd Graders and Parents,


        1  Every Wednesday, we will be learning using KAHOOT. This was part of President Miller's initial platform.  If your child would like to bring in their own device he/she certainly may.  Also, if you allow your child to bring his/her device any day to school, it would be greatly appreciated. This way, your child will have access to going on XTRA MATH, QUIZLET, and/or  use DICTIONARY.COM as he/she needs.  Please note: Recess is a TECHNOLOGY FREE TIME.  Recess is a relaxing time to practice social skills and have fun with peers.

    1   We will be going outside for recess as long as the temperature will be 40 degrees or higher. PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD WITH A COAT EVERYDAY IN THE WINTER.  A hat and gloves are helpful, too.  Thank you!!

      Reminder:  Your child should be going on XTRA MATH 3-4 times a week.  Every Sunday, I receive an email of who has been going on.  This is part of your child's homework, and it will help your child master his/her math facts  (addition, subtraction, and multiplication).   I discuss this daily in class, so the students know this.  Some choose to go on in the morning when he/she arrives.   Their password is on the first page in their planner.  It takes about 10-15 min.   Thank you so much for your help.


    1 PLEASE NOTE: Lunchboxes are expected to be kept with your child at THEIR side or in front of them.  If your child is seen using his/her lunchbox for anything other than keeping lunch in, he/she will lose the privilege of bringing it to lunch with them.  They will be given a bag which can be thrown out, to be proactive.  I will contact you, so you know, should this be the case for your child. I appreciate your support in helping our students learn responsibility and making safe choices. 

       0 Class President- Caden Miller

                    Vice President -Holden Concord!

                    Speaker of the House- Olivia Dizon

                   Secretary of Education-  Erik Mawker

                  Secretary of State- Nicholas LaCugna

                 Secretary of Treasury- Chinemerum Onyegbosi





    1 Feb. 14th  VALENTINE MAILBOXES DUE (more info will be sent home Feb. 4).    Pizza and Cookie Baking! Parents who signed up for this will be contacted by Mrs. LaCugna.  



    (Our next trip will be to the Cape May Zoo, in April or May. Chaperones will be needed then.  Info will be sent out in the Spring, if you are interested).  




     0  Please read each night and log your reading on your calendar. A green circle shows when you started the book and a red circle shows when you completed the book.  Remember to write the title, too. THIS IS DAILY HOMEWORK. 



     MONDAY Computers     

    TUESDAY   Music with Ms. Burnett

    WEDNESDAY  Art with Ms. Murphy

    THURSDAY   World Language with Senora McDonald

    FRIDAY  Gym 

    LUNCH 12:20-12:50      

    0 **We will have a snack at around 10:45ish everyday. If you choose to bring a snack, please make sure it is healthy (fruit, cheese stick, crackers, pretzels, veggies, etc..)  Please do not bring cookies, chips, etc.. 

    0 Also, your child is welcome to keep a WATER  bottle with WATER on his/her desk.  Due to spills, please do not send in anything other than CLEAR WATER.  Thank you.



      Pearsonrealize.com   Directions:    Look at the handout that is in your child's planner      LOG IN :  LUNCH#   PASSWORD: Initials 03   Ex: Sue Miller  SM03    

    XTRA MATH LOGIN is in your child's planner (front page)  They must put my email address:  sralkalay@jacksonsd.org  


    Our classroom is a RESPONSIVE CLASSROOM.   Please go to  responsiveclasssroom.org  to learn more about this wonderful, research based, and effective philosophy!

    1  Please feel free to email me at  sralkalay@jacksonsd.org  with any questions or concerns.  All the best for a wonderful and successful year! 

    1 Mrs. Alkalay