Dear Star Students and Awesome Parents, 1 0


    1 HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALI!!!  3/23

    1  Here is a special SHOUT OUT to all of our parents who are nurses, work in healthcare, and/or are working to help others: THANK YOU!!!!

    EVERY PARENT HAS BEEN ADDED TO OUR GOOGLE CLASSROOM PAGE. You should be getting an invite on Monday 3/30. This will keep you in the "loop" in accessing your child's assignments moving forward.


                  1 Assignments for March 30- April 8   Specific details and attachments are posted on our our Google Classroom page.  EVERYTHING will be posted directly on Google Classrooms AND on PEARSON (our math series online). All optional and extra help videos to watch are listed with the direct link on our Google Classrooms.

    We posted step by step directions on how to log onto Pearson on our Google Classrooms page. Each math assignment is given 2-3 days to complete. Use your time wisely and plan ahead.

    To get a general idea: 

    Literacy- Read and respond. Log your calendar with green or red.    

    Math- Fractions  12-1 to 12-3  activities & Xtramath  There is an optional hands on activity to make fraction bars. See the video link on GC.

    Note: There are 2 math groups   A  and B       

    B are #s 1,8,9,&14            A are every other #.  

    Writing- Keeping  a journal and use symbolic colors to draw

    Science/Social Studies- Infomerical video due April 6th. 

    Optional- watch the video on inventors, too.  



    1 Thank you for being so amazing at REMOTE LEARNING!!

    Parents: YOU ARE AMAZING! We understand how stressful remote learning can be. We are new to this, too. As we said at Back To School Night in September, "If homework gets stressful, put it to the side, and let us know. It is not worth the stress". THIS HOLDS TRUE NOW MORE THAN EVER. Your mental health is more important than an assignment. If you are not well, you can't be there for your family. Please reach out to us via email to help. We can call you and walk you and/or your child through an assignment, or tell you it is ok to finish it tomorrow. You will notice that assignments for April 30-April 8, have 3 days to complete each assignment. We know you are trying to work from home, as well. Let's come together and help each other.  Remember... this too shall pass.  


    In case you need to finish any Literacy assignments from Day 1-10                                               test.linkit.com

                  Enter Assignment Code  (see below in blue or orange)

                                            FOR MARCH 23-27

            DAY 6  001622J7        001P4NS2  Recounting Stories- Fantasy

            DAY  7 00166J49        0017GHSF   Compare & Contrast -Folktale

            DAY  8 0012V2W8      001SM5A6  Compare & Contrast- Historical Fiction

            DAY 9  001BYKE2       001V6KVE   Review Text 1 

            DAY 10  001V1332     0016H5WR  Review Informational Text 

                             Password:  lunch #


     These are NOT to be printed out.  Only the Math, SS,and Science should be printed out, completed and sent back upon return.  Sugestion:  Keep a folder and have him/her put completed papers in the folder to stay organized. Your child needs to answer the LITERACY ?s directly online to earn credit, unless you have a packet from the school.  

    Please check out the assignments on our class GOOGLE CLASSROOM , too.  These are different assignments and announcements from our class. 

      Continue to wash your hands and enjoy each other's company playing a board game, or cards during the upcoming days. 

     A good book helps unwind and relax.  A great FREE website for listening to books, reading books and watching educational videos is EPIC.   Log onto  getepic.com     Your kids use this in school. It is usually $5.99 a month, but is NOW FREE!!!!! Your child has had Feb. and March free, but they (and siblings) can continue during remote learning too!


    We are both available through email tsanzone@jacksonsd.org  or  sralkalay@jacksonsd.org if you have any questions. We understand this  can be stresssful for many reasons.  We are here to help you.  

    1 Continue to go on XTRA MATH 4x (or more) every week and read 30 min. (25-30 pages a day).

    Check out all the videos under "STUDENT RESOURCES" to review skills.  

     The following codes for LITERACY assignments from LAST WEEK (March 16-20) ****If your child's class # is  1,8,9,or 14 please use the ORANGE codes:


    Day 1  Describing Characters in a Folktale CODE:  00186D1E



    DAY 2  Describing Characters  in 2 Poems CODE: 0016ENS7



    DAY 3 Describing Characters in Real.Fic.  CODE:  001AC2WQ



    DAY 4 MAIN IDEA/DIRECTIONS   CODE:  0013U86O  (It IS zero zero  #1 ... and capital letter O at the end).



    DAY 5  Writing ESSAY  CODE: 001M66OT  (zero zero #1.....capital letter O...)           001C686I

    0 All reading responses are to be done on GOOGLE CLASSROOMS. The Inventor's Infomercial/project explained on Friday, March 13th ( APRIL 6- Yes, we extended the due date ) should be uploaded to our GOOGLE CLASSROOM account. OUR CLASS CODE IS vgf4gq7, if needed.  On Friday, we spent a lot of time reviewing how to log into Google Classroom. We sent home  step by step directions on how to log on. 

    1 If your child was absent on Fri., March 13th,  they can google their GMAIL account. Their email is their lunch#@jacksonsd.org (They know how to do this).  Then, when you are in your gmail, click on the "waffle" (9 dots).  Scroll down to find GOOGLE CLASSROOMS. Click on it. You will see the  assignments:        

    To attach/write  a document, CLICK on "ADD" in the upper corner.  Then, click on "DOC" to write.  When you are finished, click on TURN IN. Then again, TURN IN.  We will receive it. 




    LITERACY- We continue working on summarizing, comparing characters, making connections, becoming life long readers & writing/typing with correct grammar while learning about  INVENTIONS and INVENTORS! 

    1 Your child may read books on EPIC. The information to log on is in taped into  the inside cover of your child's planner.  You can also click on the link on MY RESOURCES to access the code, too.  This is a wonderful site that encourages the love of reading a plethora of genres! Audiobooks are available, too!

    SCIENCE/NON FICTION    INVENTORS!   Your child will be inventing a product and create an infomercial to share via video.  SEE ABOVE      GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE is vgf4gq7.

    GOAL  1 min = 1 page read    If your child reads for 30 min. each night (and in school) he/she will reach his/her goal on his/her MARCH calendar.  Ask to see your child's calendar.

    MATH-  We will be starting FRACTIONS  on March 30th. Also, your child is expected to go on XTRA MATH 4 times a week to memorize ALL MATH FACTS.  The program starts with addition. Then, moves to subtraction and finished with multiplication.

    1 Congrats to:  Richard, Emmanuel, Anthony,& Brianna, Cali, Jasleen, Anthony, Michael, Daniel,  for graduating MULTIPLICATION ON XTRA MATH!!!! Way to go!  



    YOGA CONTINUES ON WEDNESDAY MORNINGS  CONTINUE (or whenever you feel you need it)  See our GOOGLE CLASSROOM YOGA VIDEO  Throughout the year, we will practice simple poses, breathing techniques, and being in the moment. The practice will help students be more mindful, slow down, and learn how to become calmer and more patient.  




    As stated at Back To School Night, your child has the opportunity to participate in these days if he/she chooses to follow the class rules and expectations. Your child is in control of his/her behavior and is held accountable for his/her choices. We thank you so much for helping us teach your child accountability.   



    1 UPCOMING EVENTS:   Stay tuned on the district website and to phone calls that will update you on the status of our return to school.  Stay safe, wash your hands, and enjoy playing in the sunshine with siblings on sunny days! Be safe. WE MISS  YOU!!!





     MONDAY Computers     

    TUESDAY   Music with Ms. Burnett

    WEDNESDAY  Art with Mrs. Thomas

    THURSDAY   World Language with Senora McDonald


    1 LUNCH 1:15-1:45     

    0 **Since our lunch is 1:15-1:45, we will have a snack at around 10:00  everyday. If you choose to bring a snack, please make sure it is healthy (fruit, cheese stick, crackers, pretzels, veggies, Cheeze-its, Goldfish, a small yogurt, etc..)  Please do not bring cookies, chips, etc.. 




    Pearsonrealize.com   Directions:

    LOG IN :  LUNCH#   PASSWORD: Initials 03   Ex: Sue Miller  SM03    

    XTRA MATH LOGIN will be posted  in your child's planner (front page) the week of Oct. 7th. They must put my email address:  sralkalay@jacksonsd.org  


    Our classroom is a RESPONSIVE CLASSROOM.   Please go to  responsiveclasssroom.org  to learn more about this wonderful, research based, and effective philosophy!

    1  Please feel free to email me (and/or Mrs. Sanzone, see below) at  sralkalay@jacksonsd.org   with any questions or concerns.  All the best for a wonderful and successful year! 

    1 Mrs. Alkalay & Mrs. Sanzone