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    TONIGHT's  (THURS. SEPT. 17th) BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT LINK IS THE SAME LINK WE USE FOR OUR GOOGLE MEETS.  We sent every parent an email, but in case you can't find it, go to our Google Classroom page (ask your child), and click on the link that looks like the above picture. There is a link that is ON the picture.  Simply click. See you at 7:00-7:30 OR  7:30-8:00.

    food IMPORTANT!!!!!!! WE ARE A PEANUT FREE CLASS.  If you plan to send in a

    BIRTHDAY pre-packaged treat, please make sure it is

    PEANUT FREE!     Due to allergies, we will be eating

    in the cafeteria every day.  Therefore, you do NOT

    need to pack a peanut free lunch for YOUR child since 

    the students will be social distanced. 


    music    art FOR SPECIALS SCHEDULE: PLEASE GO TO YOUR CHILD'S GOOGLE CLASSROOM PAGE by going to GMAIL.  Type in their LOGIN: LUNCH # @jacksonsd.org

    Their PASSWORD is their lunch#with the @ symbol ( 123456@), unless you changed it. Specials is the YELLOW page. Our class page is GREEN.  


    computer Do you want to see our GC page? First, you MUST join/accept the invitation we sent  your child at their school GMAIL (Thank you for joining, if you already did. You are awesome)! Once you have accepted/joined, click on the waffle (9 dots at the top of your Gmail page). Then, scroll down to find GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Click on it. You will see a link on the TOP picture.   Simply click on the link to  join LIVE meetings on remote days at 2:05 (or 2:35 dependingon which group or week). Please refer to the schedule we sent home.  We understand how confusing this can be. 


  • Dear Awesome 3rd Graders & Terrific Parents,

         In our classroom, we WILL learn, laugh, persevere, encourage each other, read, create, draw, reflect, become experts at using Google Classroom, AND become a family! 

        You are SUPER lucky to have 3 teachers this year:  Mrs. Alkalay, the regular ed teacher, Miss McLaughin, the special education teacher, and Mrs. Polito, our fabulous paraprofessional!   Miss McLaughlin will be subbing for Mrs. Sanzone until December, since  Mrs. Sanzone is  busy taking care of her new adorable baby boy, Joey!

         pencil We will be providing the following individual items for your child:  a personal supply box, crayons, a scissor, a pen, markers, 1 glue stick,  a communicator, and a dry erase marker

    A few things to know about our class:

    •     It's  a STARBUCKS theme.
    • You may bring a SMALL (8-16 oz.) water bottle to have on your desk. You will need to take it home to wash (or throw away) at dismissal time.  
    • We will be using GOOGLE CLASSROOMS for most assignments.  First, your child must log into their GMAIL Account. LOG IN: LUNCH#@jacksonsd.org           


    (unless  you, the parent, changed it yourself). Then, go to the WAFFLE (9 dots for the apps and click on CLASSROOM.  It's a green & yellow chalkboard.1

    •  Each student will get  their own bucket (no sharing to keep us safe) with play dough, markers, and other items to make learning fun! 1
    • We will be eating lunch in the gym.
    • We will play a game EVERY DAY!
    • We will wipe down our own desks each day before we leave, so we know our classroom is SUPER clean!  


     LUNCH TIME 10:55-11:25(yes changed)luncj

    Due to our shortened day and early lunch, we will NOT have snack time. 



    Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. It would be most helpful if you can include BOTH of us  (Mrs. Alkalay & Miss McLaughlin, Sept- Dec.) on each email, so we are all on the same "page". See below for our emails. 

      1 Mrs. Alkalay, Miss McLaughlin, and Mrs. Polito 

    **(Mrs. Sanzone says "Hello" & can't wait to meet  you in Dec.).







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  •    School Supplies

    It would be very helpful if you could supply the following items to help your child stay organized this year:

    • 3 marble composition (hard covered notebooks)    1 red, 1 blue, and 1 black.   They are on SALE at SHOP RITE for 50 cents each. Who doesn't love a deal? 
    •  One blue  sturdy folder with pockets
    • One black sturdy folder with pockets
    •  3 or 4 No. 2  pencils
    •  1 small individual sharpener
    • 2 packages of post it notes (any color, you choose) 1
    • 1 small hand sanitizer for YOUR child.
    • 1 package (or a box) of tissues for YOUR child.
    • 1 black or blue SHARPIE mar1 ker 
    • 1 pair of headphones for your chrome book (can be purchased in the $ store). 1
    • ...And of course a CLEAN MASK  everyday.  It is a good idea to keep an extra mask in a ziploc bag (in your child's backpack, as an emergency one).


    AlWAYS WELCOME:  tissues, Clorox/Lysol wipes, paper towels, tissues, & hand sanitizer    Thank you!

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