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    Welcome to Art Ideas! 

    Create, Inspire, Design 


    star Please visit student resources for more ideas.

    Kindergarten through second grade and third grade through fifth.



    Butterflies, Flowers, Rainbows, Cats, Dogs 

    rainbow sm


    1rst grade

    Drawing animals, sea life, cars, robots


    2nd grade

    Drawing animals, Pattern Design in shapes, Drawing Characters


    3rd grade 

    Animals, Pattern Design in shapes,

    Drawing Characters, Drawing Sports, Helper Robots


    4th and 5th grade

    Drawing , Create a Hero comic, Robot designs, practice one-point perspective, draw

    a three dimensional building using one point perspective, draw things that you would like to become better at drawing.


     Please visit student resources for more ideas. 

    Art choices

    Legos, corobuff, and oaktag constructions,

    puppets, painting, collage, drawing and origami


     lion jpg


    Please bring in an art smock.