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    EMAIL:  Landersen@jacksonsd.org

     Hope everyone is doing well! This week, 3/30 -4/3, on remote learning students will be working on lessons 6-3 and 6-4. Every assignment has been posted in google classroom. 


    Dear Parents and Guardians,

         Welcome back! The 8th grade year is all about preparing your child to succeed in high school and beyond. Now is the time to develop a strong work ethic and solid study habits. This will be a year of growth and change and should be an exciting time for your child.

         Before anything else, I want you to know that I care deeply about the learning and well being of my students. I will always do my best to be as honest and as fair as I can possibly be with them and with you. I am excited to work with your children every day and to help them grow into responsible, kind, and hardworking young adults.

         For this reason, I have high expectations for the learning and behavior of my students. I hope you will trust that I always have your children's best interests in mind. Also, please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns! I want us to work together to help your child. The best way for us to have constant communication is through the parent portal.

         My goal is to make learning and understanding math easy and fun for all students. It is through the study of mathematics that your child will develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. I love teaching from the Envision program because it provides an authentic backdrop for learning and applying essential math skills while fostering the critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

         I look foward to working with you and your child to make this a positive and successful school year!  If you need to contact me, I can be reached at landersen@jacksonsd.org.

     Envision Login-Student ID #

     Password-First name and grade level (example:Mark 07)

     Students with two first names use both with last name

     (example: Mary Rose Smith)

    Content to be covered in 8th grade are:

    -Real numbers

    -Analyze and solve linear equations

    -Use functions to model relationships

    -Investigate Bivariate data

    -Analyze and solve systems of linear equations

    -Congruency and similarity

    -Understand and apply the Pythagorean Theorem

    -Solve problems involving surface area and volume.

    Helpful 8th Grade Supplies:



    -Headphones/earbuds for chromebooks



    -Box of tissues

    -paper for binder

    -folder to fit in binder

    -notebook to fit in binder

    -binder dividers 

    -index cards

    Math Sources:








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