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     Dear Kind Kindergarten Friends,


    Today is  April 3, 2020. Happy Friday.  I must say you have worked so hard every day this week!  I am proud of you!


     Our special today is Computers. Click (here) to see what Mr. Struthers  has planned for you.


     Please click (here) to answer the Question of the Day. 


    I look forward to our Google Hangout next week. I will see the boys at 11:00 on Monday and the girls at 11:00 on Wednesday.  Please check your email for the invitation and directions if you have not done so already. 


    I hope you enjoy the weekend and can get out in your yard to play.  Check back here on Monday morning for a big surprise! 



    Mrs. Behan





    Read 15 Minutes and Complete Reading Quiz

    https://www.raz-kids.com/ for Mrs. Janowski’s friends.

    All other students go through the link in our GOOGLE CLASSROOM.




    Practice your sound cards first.  Sound Cards and Digraph Cards.

    Then click  (here )  for Fundations Day 5 and tap and read words.



    Complete this sentence:  I can play all day with ________.   

    Use your Fundations Journal. 


    *Enrichment Activity- Write an Opinion Writing - use google classroom for writing paper if you can print and an anchor chart for writing an opinion




    Using Pearson Envision Math complete Topic Assignments:


    • 10-5 Visual Learning - Please do this first! It is the lesson then do the practice.
    • 10-5 Quick Check Quiz
    • Continue Number Writing Practice and Fast Facts Practice


    Here is a link to our GOOGLE CLASSROOM. 


    5)Social Studies

    Being kind now, more than ever really counts!  Your families have worked hard with you since we have been safely at home.  They are taking great care of you and teaching you too!  I wish we were together in school but since we can't be, I am glad you are with people who love you.  In our book today the mouse keeps asking for more and more, and the little boy keeps giving things to him.  I bet mom and dad have given you so many things and helped you in so many ways over these last weeks.  So I am challenging you to do something kind for someone today.  Think of a way to show your love and then do something special.  Send me a picture or an email.  I'd love to see it!  

    Click here to hear Laura Numeroff, the author, read her book If You Give a Mouse A Cookie.






































































































































































































































     Memories of Kindergarten 2018 ~ 2019




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