Advanced Math  

    Dear Students,

    Welcome to topic 3 " Numeric and Algebraic Expressions"

    Please review videos and lessons each evening to strengthen your knowledge of material.

    Quiz lessons 3.1-3.3 on Wednesday, January 9th.  

    Lesson 3.1 Understand and Represent Exponents

    Lesson 3.2 Finding the GCF and LCD.....  STRATEGIES  (List, Prime Factorization, Ladder/Cake Method)

    Lesson 3.3 Write and Evaluate Numerical Expressions

    Order of Operations (G.E.M.S)

    Tentative topic test date 1/18/19

    Lesson 3.4 Write Algebraic Expressions

    Lesson 3.5 Evaluate Algebraic Expressions

    Lesson 3.6 Generate Equivalent Expressions

    Lesson 3.7 Simplify Algebraic Expressions

    Please continue to check google classroom for updated information.



    Mrs. Bellino


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