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     Our next google hangout is scheduled for 4/29@ 9:30 am! Looking forward to seeing my advanced math students!

    Review of topic 6:  Percents, fractions, and decimals!


     Dear Students,

    As we continue with our remote learning lessons, let me begin by telling you how proud I am of the continued effort you are putting into your assignments each and every day! Your dedication and timely attention to your assignments are exceptional!

    Looking ahead........

    Remote Learning will continue until further notice.

    All advanced math assignments will be posted daily on "Google Classroom -Remote Learning"by 8:00 am. Please see link above!

    Please keep in contact if you have any concerns/questions regarding content.

    I will be available to clarify and offer assistance if and when needed.

    Stay healthy and happy!

    Mrs. Bellino





    During our time of remote learning we would like to keep our WIN students practicing with some fun and engaging activities!  We will update these challenges weekly so make sure you check them out!






    • Teacher-led interactive sight word game  grade 1 sight word game
    • Teacher-led interactive reading Read with me
    • Play Roll and Read using this fun board game. Directions are at the top of the sheet. You can print or play using your device screen. Just need a die or scraps of paper to write the numbers 1-6.


    K-1 MATH

    • Roll the Dice - Get practice with low number counting and addition using dice. Choose an  activity such as jump, clap, or stomp, then roll a pair of dice. Add them up (you could do this with subtraction too) and complete the activity the number of times shown. 
    • Number Line -Using chalk or different types of tape, create a life size number line in your driveway or on your sidewalk. 



    • Play Roll and Read using this fun board game. Directions are at the top of the sheet. You can print or play using your device screen. Just need a die or scraps of paper to write the numbers 1-6.



    • Give your child some play money. Have them count coins, bills, find totals and for an added bonus have them pay you for their food!
    • Telling Time: Draw a huge clock on the driveway and find toys in the garage for the hour and minute hand. Call out a time and have your child use the “hands” to show it to you. Show a time on the clock and identify it. Count by 5s on the clock using the minute hand.





    • Outside using chalk practice writing your times tables in your driveway or sidewalk.
    •  It’s in the Cards  For a twist on the traditional card game War, assign values of 1 to the ace, 11 to the jack, 12 to the queen, and 13 to the king, and face value for the cards two through 10 . Playing in pairs, or individually show two cards face up, then subtract the lower number from the higher. If playing in pairs, whoever has the higher answer wins all four cards. If the totals are the same, the players flip over two more cards and repeat until there is a winner.  Challenge:Multiply cards to find who has the greater product.



    • Watch the Video Short - Boundin’ .Please watch multiple times. The more you watch the more you pick up on little (and big) details. Think about these discussion points.
      • What problem does the sheep encounter?
      • How does this problem change the sheep?
      • Describe the sheep’s character/attitude in the beginning - middle and end.
      • How does the “Jackalope” help the sheep?
      • Can you think about a lesson you might have learned from this short film?



    • All around Sports: Basketball, soccer, whatever your sport. Have your child try predicting how many baskets or goals they can make out of 10. Do this several times. Record as a fraction.  For example: If your child made three shots out of 10= 3/10 Then ask your child to compare the number of shots that they made,add or subtract them together. 
    • Take a Neighborhood Walk-Look for examples of symmetry



  • Advanced Math 9:25-10:25 Room 220

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