• Welcome to 2020!

    Advanced Math  

    Dear Students,

     I am so proud of the effort you are putting into your classwork each and every day! You continue to amaze me with your dedication and attention to your assignments!

    Looking ahead........


    We will begin topic 4  week of 1/12/2020

    4.1- Understand Equations and Solutions

    4.2-  Apply Properties of Equality

    4.3-  Write and Solve Addition and Subtraction Equations

    4.4- Write and Solve Multiplication and Division Equations


    Escape Room Challenge          Be on the look out for another challenging escape room activity!  Will the current leaders David and Nick solve the riddle first or will there be a new team champion???


    Always......Be the best you can be!_

  • Advanced Math 9:25-10:25 Room 220

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