Welcome           WELCOME 5TH GRADERS!

    We had a super first day!! I can't wait to continue our journey! I am looking forward to meeting parents at Back To School Night on Sept. 24th!



    Suggested Supplies:                                              

    ~3    Sturdy 2-Pocket Folders without prongs! 

    blue, 1 yellow, youchoice                     

    ~1    Composition Book                                                        

    ~1    One-Subject Wide Ruled Spiral Notebook                                  

    ~1    Three-Subject Wide Ruled Spiral Notebook                                  

    ~2    Pens... 1 green, 1 purple

    ~1    SOFT Pencil Pouch/Case                                             






























Class Schedule



    Looking forward to seeing you!

    Information Meeting in Cafe: 7:00-7:15

    Classroom Presentations:  

    Session 1  7:20-7:45

    Session 2  7:50-8:15

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