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    Dear Parents,
       Congratulations to all on the very smooth transition to our new lesson plan format. Everyone seems to be getting the hang of completing assignments on the slides and then submitting them to us. Give yourselves a well deserved, pat on the back! We appreciate your flexibility as we continue to fine tune our efforts to deliver instruction and track progress. Your diligence is very much appreciated!
    Mrs. Brennan
    An additional important note........ Please be sure to check in with Mrs. Galvin and myself by answering the daily question, in order be considered "present." We are happy to be flexible about when assignments are completed, but this is how we will be recording attendance. This is posted each day on our Google Classroom. It is in the Do Now section under the Classwork tab. Thank for your continued cooperation as our remote learning evolves.
    youve got this

    Click here to watch what your teachers are up to! Motivation in Isolation

    Thank you Mrs Henry! XOXOXO


    Click on this link to enjoy free zoom classes. Flip Out Productions is offering something for all different ages. To receive access, all you have to do is register. Once you do, you will receive a password. There is no charge and no requirement to donate. If you try it, I'd love to hear about it. Enjoy!

    Flip Out Productions



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    Click here to watch a video of eveyone who participated in our spirit week. Holman Spirit Week

    Thank you, Mrs Henry! Here's another from the virtual challenge week Holman Virtual Challenge Week

    Here is a treat from all of us at Holman. We miss you!  Holman Staff Video   


    Happy Spring!

             How are you feeling?

    Feeling a little FRUSTRATED? Make your own calming tools. Watch this video.  Calm Down Box

    Need a CHANGE OF SCENERY? Try a virtual tour! Virtual Class Trip 

    Need a MOVEMENT BREAK? Sign up for GoNoodle at home. Go to www.gonoodle.com/goodenergy.

     Need to RELAX? Access our favorite yoga videos at home! Visit  




    we miss you

    Additional helpful information.......

    Check out the resources our special teachers have provided by using this directory:

    Special Area Teachers : Class Pages and Emails 

    Having trouble logging in to do the math lessons? This may help: Envision Math Login Directions


    All students in our class have an Xtramath account (login reminders went home on Friday) which is a fun, timed fast facts drill. We receive a weekly report of each child's participation and progress. Students who have a Raz Kids account should also utilize this for leveled books and comprehension activities. Try www.storylineonline.net which is another source available to all. 


    There are also a variety of learning games on www.sheppardsoftware.com and www.abcya.com .  


    Welcome Back  

    Social skills can also continue at home! Have you had an opportunity to show "good listening?" Did you use "self-control?" Have you "accepted no" without making a fuss? What about "ignoring distractions?"

       Has anyone used a yoga breath to calm themselves? (a bunny breath, bumble bee breath, flying bird breath etc.) Write about it in your notebook or draw a picture of it. You can even email me. I'd LOVE to hear all about it! 

    Let’s keep earning those pom poms!


    Feel free to reach out via email with any questions or to share what you've been doing. Above all, stay healthy and safe.