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    Welcome Back


    Welcome to Mrs. Brennan's Class Page.


    Dear Parents, 

        All of the first grade teachers are working together to prepare videos and lessons to assist you, as we all continue to work from home. We understand the challenges and we sincerely appreciate your efforts! 

        Please do your best to maintain some work expectations for your child, and above all….DON’T WORRY! If things seem overwhelming, please reach out to us. What’s most important is that you're all safe! Of course, it’s our hope that our students can continue to learn even during these trying times. Let’s just do the best we can and stay positive!

       We’ll be posting a new set of plans that will begin March 30th and take us to the final day before spring break. Stay safe and don’t forget to BREATHE!


    Mrs. Brennan



    Additional helpful information.......

    All students in our class have an Xtramath account (login reminders went home on Friday) which is a fun, timed fast facts drill. We receive a weekly report of each child's participation and progress. Students who have a Raz Kids account should also utilize this for leveled books and comprehension activities. Try www.storylineonline.net which is another source available to all. 


    There are also a variety of learning games on www.sheppardsoftware.com and www.abcya.com . 


     Social skills can also continue at home! Have you had an opportunity to show "good listening?" Did you use "self-control?" Have you "accepted no" without making a fuss? What about "ignoring distractions?"

       Has anyone used a yoga breath to calm themselves? (a bunny breath, bumble bee breath, flying bird breath etc.) Write about it in your notebook or draw a picture of it. You can even email me. I'd LOVE to hear all about it! 

    Let’s keep earning those pom poms!


    Need a MOVEMENT BREAK? Sign up for GoNoodle at home. Go to www.gonoodle.com/goodenergy.

    Need to RELAX? Access our favorite yoga videos at home! Visit  


    or enjoy Mo Willems at LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems!



    Feel free to reach out via email with any questions or to share what you've been doing. Above all, stay healthy and safe.





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