Our Learning Goals


    There are practice activities on Spelling City. The spelling Bingo HW sheet has your child's list. The Bingo board should be turned in after 4 boxes are completed. I have 3 groups on 3 different 6 day cycles, so we don’t all test on the same say. There is no spelling HW on test days.





    Series Book Clubs
    Learning Goals:
      • Collect information about the main characters in their books
      • Pay attention to how characters respond to problems
      • Notice similarities in thier characters across a series
      • Use what they know about the characters to make prediction
      • Learn about characters from thier relationships with other charraters
      • Share their books with other students
      • Plan various ways to share
      • Share opinions and debate about their books with their club




    Learning Goals:

    • Seeing with a Poets' Eyes

      Experimenting with Language and Sound to Create Meaning

      Trying Structures on for Size


    Math  Topic 15  Shapes and Their Attributes

    Students will:
    • Recognize shapes by how they look.
    • Describe plane shapes by how they look.
    • Draw polygon shapes.
    • Draw cubes and describe how they look.
    • Divide rectangles into equal squares.
    • Divide circles and rectangles into halves, thirds, and fourths.
    • Make equal shares that do not have the same shape.
    • Use repeated reasoning to divide rectangles into rows and columns and create designs with equal shares.


    Science Unit 3: Ecosystem


      • there are certain components of living and nonliving things.
      • Ecosystems are made up of climate, plants, soil, and animals.
      • Within each ecosystem there is a relationship between living things and nonliving things.
      • Energy can change from one form to another, starting with the Sun.
      • Organisms have basic needs (animals need air, and food; plants need air, water, nutrients and light.) though the amount of these needs may vary.
      • When the environment changes, plants and animals adapt, move or die.
      • Each plant and animal adapts in their own way to their environment
      • All animals depend on plants to survive (some animals eat plants; others eat animals that eat plants.)
      • All ecosystems are affected by human interaction requiring conservation.
      • Some organisms can survive in multiple ecosystems due to their adapting abilities.


    Social Studies Unit 4: Our Country's Neighbors

    Students will know...
      • Locate Mexico and Canada on a Map

      • Identify common and different holidays

      • Describe how languages are both similar and different in the Native American countries


    Community Health Skills

    • Character impacts the way one feels and thinks about one's self and others.
    • Peers have different physical abilities.
    • Proper decision making leading to safe practices indoors and out (e.g. wear bike helmets, walk in the classroom, follow school and bus rules.)
    • The characteristics of strangers, acquaintances, and trusted adults and describe safe and appropriate behaviors.

     pnut Our room is peanut free.  We have 1st lunch. We will have a quick snack in the afternoon. I usually have pretzels or animal crackers available. If your child brings their own snack please keep it simple. I allow students to have water bottles on their desks. No juice, gatorade, etc. Please check bottles to make sure they're not prone to spilling.



     Daily Specials

    Monday: Music

    Tuesday: Art

    Wednesday: Gym

    Thursday: Library

    Friday: Computers  


    Donations of:  tissues, sanitizing wipes, pretzels and animal crackers (peanut free) are always appreciated!

    We do not need hand sanitizer at this time.


     Scholastic books: No cash, checks are payable to Scholastic or you can order online at scholastic.com. The class code is H2F6W


    School Supplies
    It's always good to have pencil box (not too big).

    It's helpful to have extra:

    • Pencils
    • Erasers
    • Crayons
    • Glue Stick



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