Our Learning Goals


    There are practice activities on Spelling City. The spelling Bingo HW sheet has your child's list. The Bingo board should be turned in after 4 boxes are completed. I have 3 groups on 3 different 6 day cycles, so we don’t all test on the same say. There is no spelling HW on test days.





    We are focusing on Nonfiction
    Students will know:
    •  how to question to help them notice and learn
    • understand what the nonfiction book they are reading is trying to teach them
    • that nonfiction readers ask, "How does this book go?"
    • domain-specific vocabulary when reading nonfiction
    • to use text features to notice and understand key words
    • how to use context to understand unknown words
    • how to reread like experts
    • how to teach other about their expert topic
    • more about their topic by reading several books across that topic
    • that readers accumulate information as they read across books
    • how to connect information across books
    • how to compare and contrast across books
    • how to retell topics and not just books



    Students will use everything they know to write long and strong.

    Student will use mentor texts as a guide to help them "try out" ways the author has made his or her writing special.


    Math  Topic 6 Fluently Subtract within 100

    Students will:
    • Exchange 1 ten for 10 ones.
    • Use place value and models to subtract two-digit and one-digit numbers.
    • Use place value and regrouping to subtract.
    • Use place value and models to subtract 2-digit numbers.
    • Use place value to subtract 2-digit numbers.
    • Add to check subtraction.
    • Subtract 2-digit numbers and decide when to regroup and when not to regroup.
    • Use models and equations to solve word problems.
    • Reason about word problems and use bar diagrams and equations to solve them.



    Social Studies Unit 2 Historical Symbols and American Identity:

    Students will..
      • Compare and contrast various symbols

      • Identify different symbols and explain their significance

      • Explain the role of historical symbols in the course of American history



    Students will be able to...
    • Identify body parts (i.e. heart, lungs, legs etc.) using correct terminology and explain how they are supported through regular physical activity.
    • Identify how feelings and actions can affect personal wellness.
    • Explain which foods from My Plate are healthier and why they contain more nutritional value through identifying information on nutritional labels.
    • Identify symptoms and demonstrate strategies to prevent the spread of disease and health conditions.


     pnut Our room is peanut free.  We have 1st lunch. We will have a quick snack in the afternoon. I usually have pretzels or animal crackers available. If your child brings their own snack please keep it simple. I allow students to have water bottles on their desks. No juice, gatorade, etc. Please check bottles to make sure they're not prone to spilling.



     Daily Specials

    Monday: Music

    Tuesday: Art

    Wednesday: Gym

    Thursday: Library

    Friday: Computers  


    Donations of:  tissues, sanitizing wipes, pretzels and animal crackers (peanut free) are always appreciated!

    We do not need hand sanitizer at this time.


     Scholastic books: No cash, checks are payable to Scholastic or you can order online at scholastic.com. The class code is H2F6W


    School Supplies
    It's always good to have pencil box (not too big).

    It's helpful to have extra:

    • Pencils
    • Erasers
    • Crayons
    • Glue Stick



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