Dear parents,

    These are difficult times and I know you are doing your best to help your child. On Monday I will be posting new lessons on my Holman page. I am available to call you between the hours of 8:00-2:00. Email me to set up a time. 

    The estimated time for doing daily lessons is 1-½ - 2 hours. It includes doing some exercise.

    There is a reading assignment and writing. We are not doing spelling for now, but all of this year’s lists are available for optional practice games on Spelling City. There is also Science & Social Studies. You will see links posted in my lessons.

    I am repeating two of the math lessons that we did the last week we were in school. Then there will be a review & online test. We have done practice tests online in class so the children are familiar with it. On day 5 (4/3) we will start Topic 11: subtract within 1,000. This will be similar to subtract to 100. They are familiar with the strategies in this topic. For the math lesson: login to pearson easyBridge. I will have assigned a video to watch. There will be 2 pages to complete, which can be printed out. Then they will do the quick check (assigned) online which I will be able to see. The quick check shows the students if they need more practice.

    There are lots of optional links on my page.

    Thank you for your support! 


    Mrs. Bueide.

    Student email: let me know if you forgot your login info.

    Virtual Spirit Week March 23-March 27 Send me your photos for a google slideshow.
    Monday 3/23 - PJ Day - Wear your favorite pajamas!
    Tuesday 3/24 - Disney Shirt Day - Wear a Disney shirt or outfit!
    Wednesday 3/25 - Crazy Socks and Hair Day - Wear your crazy socks with crazy hair!
    Thursday 3/26 - Favorite Mug/Cup Day - Use your favorite cup or mug while doing your schoolwork!
    Friday 3/27 - Holman Spirit Day - Wear your Holman colors!

    Writing assignments:

    There isn't a set amount for length on writing assignments. There should be an introduction and a closing. I'm looking for organization, details and complete sentences. 
    Practice counting money, telling time & fast facts. Keep a journal & read.
    Math: play math games on Pearson. Log into your gmail and then go to the link for Pearson Easy Bridge.
    Money: Show different ways to make 35 cents with quarters, dimes, nickels & pennies.
    Write an addition word problem using two-digit addition.
     Humphrey: keep reading! Check the Holman page for a link to answer the trivia question of the day.

    Below are optional links for educational activities. Several websites are providing free access. I will add new things when I find out about them.

    Time Magazine for Kids: free subscription for the rest of the school year. https://time.com/tfk-free/

    Storyonline: https://www.storylineonline.net/  favorite stories read by movie stars


    Highlights: https://www.highlightskids.com/

    Epic! - books for kids. We use this in class. It is only available during school hours under my account. https://www.getepic.com/app/  Code: mjm5215  choose the books you want to read.

    https://www.readworks.org/student-authentication?url=%2Fstudent class code WL3R7N password 1234


    https://www.education.com/  some content is free


    Miss Schadl's homepage:  She is going to try every day to post a link for an online book or authors reading their books, and a virtual field trip, and other resources.

    Learning games: http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/

    Mystery Science: https://mysteryscience.com/mini-lessons/unicorns?code=1c33391421483694d6ab186c19eaca37







     Spelling -  All lists from this year are available on Spelling City to play review games. It is fine if you play games with a list you haven't had yet. No new spelling for now.



    The Bingo board has the list number and test date on the top. Any 4 boxes may be completed. They don’t need to be in a row. 

    Homework should be turned in on the day of the test. 

      Spelling City is a great resource. There are many free activities for extra practice.


    Learning Goals

    Reading Unit 3: Bigger Books Means Amping Up Reading Power

    Students will know...

    • Reading voice impacts fluency
    • Reading phrases instead of words improves pace and fluency
    • Meaning impacts fluency
    • Appropriate reading pace improves comprehension
    • Various types of literary/figurative language
    • Comparisons and accompanying feelings
    • When authors are playing with words
    • Tricky literary language such as idioms
    • Intonation that is appropriate for various types of literary language
    • The story line even in a longer book
    • Their own individual reading goals


    Writing: Opinion

    Students will know...
    • Writers will be able to write book reviews
    • Writers will be able to write with opinions and reasons.
    • Writers will be able to write introductions and conclusions



     Math Topic 10: Add Within 1,000 Using Models and Strategies

    Students will be able to...

      • Add 10 or 100 mentally using place value.
      • Use an open number line to add 3-digit numbers.
      • Add 3-digit numbers using mental math strategies.
      • Add 3-dgit numbers using partial sums.
      • Use models to add 3-digit numbers.
      • Use different addition strategies to explain why they work.
      • Think about and check my work as I solve a problem.


    Students will know...

    • The earth is constantly changing.
    • Students will be able to understand that wind and water can change the shape of the land.
    • They will also understand that humans can design solutions to slow or prevent such change.
    • Students will understand that there are many kinds of land and bodies of water on Earth.


    Social Studies Unit 3:  Debating For the Common Good

    Students will know...
      • What is a policy

      • What is a law

      • What is a debate

      • How to prepare/conduct a debate

      • The election process

      • The rules and laws for voting


    Science Materials: donations of the following are appreciated.

    • plastic fruit containers • lids of any size • oatmeal or coffee canisters • large and small cardboard boxes • film canisters • spools • twisty ties • rolls from wrapping paper • the plastic parts from push-up pops • metal washers • cardboard tubes • bubble wrap • packing materials • the plastic pizza tables • cardboard tray from water bottle case • baby wipe containers • old CD’s • corks • Pringles cans • pie tins • small plastic tubs • Styrofoam trays (not from meat, though!) • uniquely shaped boxes or containers

    **I would appreciate if all items are clean and dry!


    Recess: I try to take the class out to play, weather permitting. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the conditions. We have recess at 12:00. Sometimes it has not warmed up to the forecasted high temperature at that time.


    School Supplies:

    On the first day of school your child received the following items:

    • Homework Folder
    • Pencils
    • Erasers
    • Crayons
    • Glue Stick

    Additional Suggested Supplies 

    • Extra pencils, erasers & glue stick
    • Pencil Box (not too big)


     pnut Our room is peanut free. 

    We have 1st lunch. We will have a quick snack in the afternoon.

    I usually have pretzels or animal crackers available. If your child brings their own snack please keep it simple.

    I allow students to have water bottles on their desks.

    No juice, gatorade, etc. in class. Please check bottles to make sure they're not prone to spilling.



     Daily Specials

    Monday: Music

    Tuesday: Art

    Wednesday: Gym

    Thursday: Library

    Friday: Computers  


    Donations of:  tissues, hand sanitizer, sanitizing cleaning wipes, pretzels and animal crackers (peanut free) are always appreciated!



     Scholastic books: No cash, checks are payable to Scholastic or you can order online at scholastic.com. The class code is H2F6W





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