Our Learning Goals


    There are practice activities on Spelling City. The spelling Bingo HW sheet has your child's list. The Bingo board should be turned in after 4 boxes are completed. I have 3 groups on 3 different 6 day cycles, so we don’t all test on the same say. There is no spelling HW on test days.





    Bigger Books Means Amping Up Reading Power
    Learning Goals:
      • Reading voice impacts fluency
      • Reading phrases instead of words improves pace and fluency
      • Meaning impacts fluency
      • Appropriate reading pace improves comprehension
      • Various types of literary/figurative language
      • Comparisons and accompanying feelings
      • When authors are playing with words
      • Tricky literary language such as idioms
      • Intonation that is appropriate for various types of literary language
      • The story line even in a longer book
      • Their own individual reading goals



    Opinion Writing

    Learning Goals:

    • Writers will be able to write book reviews
    • Writers will be able to write with opinions and reasons.
    • Writers will be able to write introductions and conclusions


    Math  Topic 9: Numbers to 1,000

    Students will:
    • Understand place value and count by hundreds to 1,000.
    • Use place-value blocks and drawings to model and write 3-digit numbers.
    • Tell the value of a digit by where it is placed.
    • Read and write 3-digit numbers in expanded form, standard, and word form.
    • Make and name a number in the different ways to show the same value.
    • Use the place-value patterns to mentally count by 1s and 10s from a given number.
    • Skip count by 5s, 10s, and 100s using a number line.
    • Compare numbers using place-value.
    • Compare and write a three-digit number that is greater or less than another three-digit number.
    • Look for patterns to help when solving problems.

    Science Unit 2: Matter 


    • The structure of materials determine their properties.

    • Matter exists as different substances that have observable different properties.

    • Different properties are suited to different purposes.

    • Objects can be built up from smaller parts.


    Social Studies Unit 2 Debating for the Common Good:

    Students will know...
    • What is a policy

    • What is a law

    • What is a debate

    • How to prepare/conduct a debate

    • The election process

    • The rules and laws for voting



    Family Life

    • Making good decisions will contribute to healthy relationships.
    • The choices they make will contribute to their overall health.

     pnut Our room is peanut free.  We have 1st lunch. We will have a quick snack in the afternoon. I usually have pretzels or animal crackers available. If your child brings their own snack please keep it simple. I allow students to have water bottles on their desks. No juice, gatorade, etc. Please check bottles to make sure they're not prone to spilling.



     Daily Specials

    Monday: Music

    Tuesday: Art

    Wednesday: Gym

    Thursday: Library

    Friday: Computers  


    Donations of:  tissues, sanitizing wipes, pretzels and animal crackers (peanut free) are always appreciated!

    We do not need hand sanitizer at this time.


     Scholastic books: No cash, checks are payable to Scholastic or you can order online at scholastic.com. The class code is H2F6W


    School Supplies
    It's always good to have pencil box (not too big).

    It's helpful to have extra:

    • Pencils
    • Erasers
    • Crayons
    • Glue Stick



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