• 6th Grade Robotics is currently IN SESSION!

    7th Grade Robotics will begin in February!

    Robotics Club is open to 6th and 7th Grade Goetz students.  8th Grade students interetested in Robotics can choose Robotics as an 8th grade elective Unified Arts Course.  Please refer to their specific guidance counselor for more information.

    Goetz Robotics Club is available to our students thanks to the generous donation of the Goetz PTN, as they have provided the Lego Mindstorm Kits and project resources.  Robotics Club is designed to give students a fun, engaging enviornment where they can work with other students and experiment with robotic principals. Students can choose to work towards a fixed goal, or can work on experimenting with any ideas they may have.  Robotics Club will last approx. 10-12 weeks in the Fall for 6th Grade and approx. 10-12 weeks in the Spring for 7th Grade.  The max amount of students is 20.