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     Week of 6/11-6/15/18


     Dear Parents, 

    This week in math the students will be working on Topic 13 "Analyze, Compare and Create Shapes. In reading we will continue to use our reading powers that we have learned and begin to read familiar text and poems with fluency and expression. In Science  we are learning about plants and butterflies. Please continue to have your child practice the Kindergarten High Frequency words at home. Thank you for your support and cooperation. 


      Mrs. Masur

    Contact Information: cjmasur@jacksonsd.org


    High Frequency Words for the week: 

    We will be reviewing all of the Kindergarten words.


    Reading,writing and identfiying the sounds of the letters


    Reading Workshop: 

    *Reading powers; Pointer Power, Reread Power, Picture Power, Sound Power and Persistant Power

    Checking our reading by asking "Does it sound right? and "Does it make sense?" and "Does it look right?"

    We are using the pattern in the story to predict what will happen next. We are also working on reading fluently.

    Writing Workshop: 

     Opinion Writing



    Relationships and Ecosystems

    High Frequency Words Taught to Date: 

    go, stop, yes, no,I,a,the,can, be,me, we, my,like,to,and,look,see,us,this, here, is,he,she, boy, girl,him,her,his,said,say,mom,did, come, with,will, play,was,for,at,am,

    as, an, of, if, or, jump, all, ball, doe words, not, get, got, you, your, our, in, it, sit, sat, on, so, up, eat, read, run, ran, man, are, they, have, little, saw, out, too,

    some, want, went, put, has, had, how, now, by, day


    Math Topic 13

    Analyze, Compare, and Create Shapes

     Important Dates



























  • *Please remember to remind your child if they are buying lunch to give me their envelope with the money and their account number. This is also how snack works. If your child is bringing lunch they are allowed to purchase a snack if it is  fine with  you. Your child should bring an envelope marked lunch or snack with money and their account number.

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  • Monday- Gym





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