Dear Star Students and Awesome Parents,1  


       1 Happy Fall! Thank you so much for coming to Back to School Night on Sept. 24th and learning about our classroom rules and expectations.  Mrs. Sanzone and I are enjoying getting to know  "Our Perfect Blend" of  students as well as helping the students get to know each other through various games and discussions. Please note that every Wednesday, we will end the day with yoga. Please dress in comfortable pants/shorts that you can bend in.  Throughout the year, the practice will help students be more mindful (be present/ in the moment) slow down, and learn how to be more patient and calmer. 

        1 Also, if your child has not told you, we will be having a class government. Until our class president is elected (on Election Day, Nov. 5) last year's Class President  (Holden Concord) and Secretary of Education (Erik Mawker) have been joining us for Bill Day on Thursdays. Here, the students' bills are read by Erik and voted on by the class ("The House"). Then, President Concord either vetoes or passes the bill. Ask your child about the process. Our 3 bills that passed are now class laws:

     1. Water bottles may remain on the desks.

    2.  Every Friday is Stuffed Animal Day, if you choose.

    3. Every Friday is also Pajama Day, if you choose. 

    As stated at Back To School Night, your child has the opportunity to participate in these days if he/she chooses to follow the class rules and expectations. Your child is in control of his/her behavior and is held accountable for his/her choices. We thank you so much for helping us teach your child accountability.   

    1 If you are feeling generous when shopping, we can always use  extra boxes of tissues throughout the year.   Many thanks to you if you already donated!  You're the best!



    Oct. 7th Picture Day (9:45 a.m.)

    Oct. 10th 1 Presidential speeches are due (for Primary Election) and earned pizza day.  Please see the order form going home Mon., Oct. 7th if your child wishes to participate.

    Oct. 11th  School Spirit Orders are due 

    Oct. 15th Cicconi Farms (yes, it was rescheduled)

    Oct. 18th  Baking Pumpkin Choc. Chip Muffins in our class (no helpers needed)

    ** If your child has an allergy, we will call you.  Thank you so much!

    Oct. 23rd Pumpkin decorating contest pumpkins are due today  (info was sent home Oct. 3rd).

    Oct. 31st  HALLOWEEN PARTY time TBA     0

    Parents coming: Ms. Alvarado, Mrs. Iatauro, Mrs. Tolska, Ms. Momoh, & Ms. Francis   






     MONDAY Computers     

    TUESDAY   Music with Ms. Burnett

    WEDNESDAY  Art with Mrs. Thomas

    THURSDAY   World Language with Senora McDonald


    1 LUNCH 1:15-1:45     

    0 **Since our lunch is 1:15-1:45, we will have a snack at around 10:00  everyday. If you choose to bring a snack, please make sure it is healthy (fruit, cheese stick, crackers, pretzels, veggies, Cheeze-its, Goldfish, a small yogurt, etc..)  Please do not bring cookies, chips, etc.. 





    Pearsonrealize.com   Directions:

    LOG IN :  LUNCH#   PASSWORD: Initials 03   Ex: Sue Miller  SM03    

    XTRA MATH LOGIN will be posted  in your child's planner (front page) the week of Oct. 7th. They must put my email address:  sralkalay@jacksonsd.org  


    Our classroom is a RESPONSIVE CLASSROOM.   Please go to  responsiveclasssroom.org  to learn more about this wonderful, research based, and effective philosophy!

    1  Please feel free to email me (and/or Mrs. Sanzone, see below) at  sralkalay@jacksonsd.org   with any questions or concerns.  All the best for a wonderful and successful year! 

    1 Mrs. Alkalay & Mrs. Sanzone