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Holman School Recycles Ring Carriers!

Ring Leader Recycling Program is designed for both formal and informal educational venues to help minimizing the damaging effects of litter on the environment. The Ring Leader Recycling Program is an educational experience, involving recyclable six-pack rings and the Three R's — Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Send in your six-pack rings & plastic multipack carriers in to Mrs. Johnson, the computer teacher, or leave with the receptionist.  Thank you for your support!

Recyclable Six-Pack Ring Statistics:

125 rings per pound

1 pound = 2 inch high stack of rings

1 ring approximately 8 inches in length

  • 8,000 rings = 1 mile (end to end)
  • 1 pound of rings = 83.3 feet (end to end)
  • 63 pounds of rings = 1 mile (end to end)

Over 338 Million rings recovered from waste stream from 1991 through 2014

  • Equals 2,708,824 pounds of rings or 1,354 tons

More than 16,400 schools, businesses and groups around the world have participated in the Ring Leader Recycling Program.