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24th Annual Holman School Talent Show Song List Is Out!


Talent Show News - Happy Birthday Holman!

May 8th, 2019

6:30 pm at Liberty High School

Many of you are very excited about our upcoming annual Talent Show but did you know that this year is also Holman School’s 50th Anniversary??  I am happy to announce that we are having a 50th Celebration in conjunction with our Holman Talent Show on May 8th at 6:30, to be held at Jackson Liberty High School.  


    The show will be broken down into decades.  Each decade will consist of performances by students and staff.  Below is a Song List for each decade. This list has been preapproved and makes it easier when signing up.  (I suggest you pick one or two in case someone else signs up before you do.) As in the past, there is a limit of acts. There will be three performances in each decade, leaving room for class acts.  On February 22nd at 3pm, I will generate a Sign Up Genius and open it to the school for sign ups.  Prior to the sign up, there will be many announcements and even a phone blast so everyone is aware of the date.   


     It is a very exciting time at Holman!  We have some special things planned for all of the students during the next few months.  We are anticipating the return of Holman student and staff alumni. We are also looking forward to seeing some of Lucy Holman’s family at our celebration.  Please stay tuned and check back soon for more details.

Holman Talent Show Song List