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24th Annual Holman School Talent Show


Talent Show News - Happy Birthday Holman!

May 8th, 2019

6:30 pm at Liberty High School

Many of you are very excited about our upcoming annual Talent Show but did you know that this year is also Holman School’s 50th Anniversary??  I am happy to announce that we are having a 50th Celebration in conjunction with our Holman Talent Show on May 8th at 6:30, to be held at Jackson Liberty High School.  


    The show will be broken down into decades.  Each decade will consist of performances by students and staff.  There will be three performances in each decade, leaving room for class acts.  

The Sign Up List is FULL !!!!  Participants please keep the following in mind:

  • The Talent Show is on May 8th starting at 6:30pm.  Dress rehearsal is on May 6th and ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST ATTEND.
  • If a student is absent on May 8th, they are not allowed to participate in the show. (district policy)
  • As it was last year, I have listed 15 spots.  After those spots are filled, others that want to sign up can email me and I will put their names on a "waiting list" in case someone drops out.
  • ALL  participants MUST attend TWO rehearsals to be held at Holman School in April.  The rehearsals will take place after school. A no-show means your act will be removed.  Date and time TBA. Parents must be present at all rehearsals.
  • After sign ups are completed, participants will receive a permission slip that MUST be signed by a parent/ guardian.
  • Participants can only be in ONE act.  (class acts do not count)



     It is a very exciting time at Holman!  We have some special things planned for all of the students during the next few months.  We are anticipating the return of Holman student and staff alumni. We are also looking forward to seeing some of Lucy Holman’s family at our celebration.  Please stay tuned and check back soon for more details.


Click here for "Come Alive" Practice Video