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Meet the new school nurse!

     I am extremely excited to start my career as a school nurse at Holman Elementary School! I have always known that I wanted to work in the healthcare field. At 14 years old I volunteered for the Howell First Aid Squad which led me to the realization that I wanted to be a nurse. After graduating high school, I enrolled into a nursing program and became a CPR instructor. I have had the privilege of teaching CPR to many people throughout the years. Upon completion of nursing school, I started my career as a nurse on a neurology unit at Community Medical Center. Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Science concentrating in school health.

     Throughout my career, I have always had a passion to work with children. I believe that keeping children as healthy as possible allows them to be better learners and will allow them to achieve their goals. My goals as a school nurse are to encourage healthy behaviors and to keep the students and staff safe. I am looking forward to a happy and healthy school year!

- Amanda DeMatteo RN, BSN