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Remote Learning Plan Phase II

Update April 16th:

These Remote Learning Plans will be in place until further notice.

As per Gov. Murphy, schools will remain closed until at least May 15.


Our Remote Learning Plans (RLP) will provide meaningful instruction and related services strategies for grades Pre-K through 12. 

Please look to the main page of the district website for updates about our school closure and other developments as they occur. 

Our initial 10-Day Learning Plans focused on review and reinforcement and got students used to doing work from home. Our Phase II Plans feature a more interactive, assignment-based model using teachers’ Class Pages, Google Classroom and learning videos. They are geared toward advancing instruction and presenting new material in keeping with our curriculum.

We are committed to being flexible and responsive as Phase II begins. This is uncharted territory for all of us and it is important that our staff, students and the families supporting them continue to be kind and patient with each other. We will make adjustments and revisions as needed until each of us is completely comfortable and proficient in this new learning environment. We can do this!

Phase II Plans are driven by each of our teachers. In general, students will go to the Class Page of their teachers’ pages and look for instructions and assignments. 



Mental Health: 

These learning plans are parameters for school work and availability of teachers. However, the well-being of our staff, students and parents/guardians is our priority. School work is important, but we also recognize that this is a stressful time for everyone and we want our staff and families to have a healthy balance of work and family time. Please stay in communication with your child’s teacher. If more time is needed for assignments, let them know.