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Drop Off for students in Grades K - 4 Extended

Students in Grades K - 4 Drop Offs

Students in grades K-4 may continue to drop off their library booksclassroom leveled-library books, and remote learning work (if applicable).  Please note that there will be labelled bins outside of the school for drop off of these items.  

Drop offs will continue to occur this week, Monday - Thursday (June 15 - June 18) from 8:30am until 12:30pm.  

You may come at any time during those days/times.  Please note; however, that fifth grade students will be picking up and dropping off items all day on Tuesday and Wednesday so it may be very busy.

When returning your items, please put a sheet on top of the similar items and include your namegrade level, and the teacher’s name.  You may wrap the similar items in a rubber band and place them in the appropriate bin.  Please follow all social distancing rules.  Pull up to the front of the Holman Elementary School (the curb by the sidewalk in the front of the building near the flagpole) and quickly drop off your items into the appropriate bin(s).  Thank you.

If you need to drop off items after these hours, please note that the bins will be set up near the doors of the school on Tuesday night (6/16) and Wednesday night (6/17) for your convenience.

Students should keep their Student ID cards for September.  Please do not return them in the bins or thrown them away.  Students will need them for the start of school in September.