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Summer of 2020 Reading Program



Dear Parents/Guardians, 

This summer, the elementary division of the Jackson Township School District is proud to continue our Summer Reading initiative for students entering grades one through five in September.  We are excited to bring parents and children together in our mission to promote literacy through reading.  

We encourage all students to read whatever they like as long as it is appropriate to their interests and reading ability.  Fiction, non-fiction, biographies, poetry, graphic novels, magazines-- the choice is yours! Below is a recommended reading list of carefully chosen books consisting of a variety of genres, authors, and reading levels for each grade.  Although these lists include many high-interest and popular selections, students may also choose to read books not included.   

Recommended Reading List

In addition, to the Recommend Reading List above, you and your child can access book choices in several different ways. Here are some suggestions: 

When we begin the school year in September, our teachers will set aside time to discuss the books read by the students.  We ask that each child read five books and complete one of the reading logs below

Reading Log -  print format

Reading Log -  digital format

Please remember that our goal is to make reading fun, enjoyable, and something that families can do together.  Please try to set aside family time for reading and/or read the book with your child.  Listening, reading, and writing are all connected.  Proficiency in one of these standards also helps attain proficiency in the others. I am encouraged by the participation and interest Jackson parents have in their child’s education and confident you and your child will benefit from reading together this summer.  Thank you for your cooperation.  

Yours in education, 

Lisa M. Lane, Ed.D.