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Principal's Message, March 20, 2020

March 20, 2020  


Dear Johnson Families,


I hope everyone is doing well and I would like to thank everyone for your patience while adjusting to the new remote learning environment.   

Kindergarten Registration for the 2020-2021 school year has been postponed until April 27 - May 1, 2020 from 9:30am to 11:30am.  If you have a child turning five years of age on or before October 1, 2020, pre-registration is available online.  Please contact Nicole McHale, Johnson Secretary, at to schedule an appointment for the week of registration.  To pre-register and print out the necessary paperwork, please visit the link below.

Kindergarten Pre-Registration


Student Placement 

At this time of year, many parents call or write to the school regarding their child’s class placement for next year.  The ultimate goal of the placement process is to find the best possible match between what is best for the student and what the strengths of each teacher are.  Class placement is a complex process that involves the input of many educational professionals and considers many factors. I realize and appreciate your concern, but I will not honor parent requests for particular teachers.  I do, however, value your input and individual concerns for your child. I will consider any concern or input that you have to offer, if you provide your concern by email only, before May 8th. 

Please let me explain some of the factors we need to consider in the placement process.  In making class placements, some variables carry more weight because of requirements due to special needs and State statutes.  It takes approximately six weeks to organize classes based on many factors. Some placement factors are: student emotional needs, academic needs, social needs, occupational and physical therapy scheduling, classroom structure, class/grade population, resource instruction, interaction with peers, speech instruction scheduling, special education inclusion scheduling, child study team placements, balance between boys and girls, medical needs, neighborhood conflicts, former teachers of siblings, remedial reading instruction scheduling, access to special programs, present teacher’s input, and administrative input.

In conclusion, your input as a parent will be considered if you send it to me, by email only, before May 8, 2020.  This will allow the educational professionals sufficient time to find the most appropriate match for your child.  As always, I appreciate your understanding and support in this matter.


The PTO encourages all our families to follow the Governor’s instructions for combating COVID-19. For our families with adults who must continue to work in essential functions like healthcare, emergency services, and the food supply chain, we thank you for your dedication. We also thank our teachers and administrators for continuing to educate our kids under difficult circumstances. Now, more than ever, we appreciate the work you do!

The PTO has crowdsourced a list of online educational resources you can use while your children are home from school. These resources do not replace the remote learning lessons our teachers are assigning to their classes. These resources are to help our families fill their non-instructional time together with fun and growth. Access our Resources for At-Home Learning here:

To make it easier for the PTO to communicate with you as things change, please:

The PTO is committed to rescheduling and/or reconfiguring as many of our activities as we can.  At this time, here is where we are.

Mother-Son Game Night, originally scheduled for 3/20, is postponed until Friday, May 8. If it becomes necessary to further postpone or cancel the event, we will let you know. If you registered and cannot make the new date, please sit tight for a little bit as things develop. If we do not have to postpone further and you cannot make the new date, your registration fee will be refunded.

Gertrude Hawk delivery will be the week of 3/30. Due to school closure, we have an alternate pickup location that will not require human contact. Families who ordered will receive further instructions via email.

Boon Supply. We will continue to run this fundraiser past the original deadline using online ordering. You may order here:

The Chic-fil-A Dine Out on 3/24 is cancelled.

The Clothing Drive (originally 3/23 - 3/25) will be rescheduled. 

We are considering what to do about the Spring Food Drive and will be in touch when we have a plan.

The 50th Anniversary Exhibition and Celebration (originally scheduled for 4/2) will be rescheduled. We are committed to holding this event to celebrate Johnson School. We are working on an alternate date. 

Box Tops: Please continue to scan your receipts for Box Tops using the app. We met our goal for this drive. Thanks for your participation!  

Talent Show: If you would like to participate but have not submitted your form, please email it to by Monday, March 23. At this time, we have not made any changes to the Talent Show timing. However, it may become necessary to do so. Please understand that we may not be able to reschedule this event if it cannot be held on 4/24. This is because it is difficult to get high school usage; we actually book this date a year in advance. We will do our best. Thanks for your understanding.

Talent Show Coordinators meeting and PTO General Meeting scheduled for 4/1: These meetings will likely be held by conference call rather than in person, which worked well for our March General Meeting. Information to follow as the date gets closer. 

For events taking place after the district’s scheduled spring break, we have not yet evaluated these events because things continue to change quickly. We will do so as they approach and advise you of any changes. Thanks for your understanding.