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Welcome Back! Principal Letter

Dear Rosenauer Parents,


Welcome to the 2018-2019 academic year at Rosenauer Elementary School!  Both the staff and I are so excited about this school year and I hope our families are as well.

Our building is ready and my staff is eager to be welcoming back the students and families in our area.  Below are some items that I need to relay to all parents regarding this coming year.


Please be patient with Bus Pick-Up and Drop-Off times the first two weeks of school.  Our bus drivers are acclimating to new routes and new faces! Please anticipate delays.  Safety is our main concern and I will not allow the busses to leave the campus until I am sure that all of our students are on the correct bus.  Walkers will not be released until all the busses have left the yard, so please be patient.


Student safety is our primary concern and we take this responsibility seriously.  As was the case last year, if you are planning on picking up or dropping off your child for school, you will not be permitted to park in the front lot from 9:00-9:30 and at the end of the day from 3:00-3:30. This is to ensure the safety of students, so please respect the staff who will be enforcing the rule. As was the case in past, we will not allow parents to sign out children after 3:15.  This will help us to avoid any confusion at the end of the day. If possible, please call ahead if you plan on signing students out. This will help us to expedite this process. I will also start to enforce the no parking rule in the teacher parking lot.  This is the paved lot located between the 1st grade entrance and the Music/Art trailer.  Please respect the cones that will be in place at that location. As always be mindful of the multiple crosswalks located around the campus.  We have a large walker population who utilize those crossings before and after school. Lastly, there continues to be NO PARKING on the Rosenauer side of New Hampshire Road.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Parents will need to enter important information into our Genesis Program.  These online forms are required to be completed before gaining access to the parent portal.  Please take the time to complete all forms. Emergency cards, allow to photograph…etc. are all to be filled out online.  Please make a concerted effort to complete these forms. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

After the 2nd week of school, if all forms are not completed, the district will block out access to the parent portal.


We will be hosting our first PTA meeting on September 12th at 7 PM in our Library.  We are also having Back to School Nights starting the week of September 26th. On the 26th we will be welcoming our Pre-Kindergarten parents at 5:30. Pre-K AM (Mrs. Caloia) visits begin at 5:00 PM in the classroom and continue to a General Meeting at 5:30.  At 7 PM we will be welcoming our parents who have students in grades 3 to 5. On October 2nd we will host our Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade parents. That event will also start at 7 PM, so please mark your calendars.

Parents please remember that we offer breakfast to all students everyday.  Each student will have the ability to purchase a breakfast between 9:10, when the school opens to students, until 9:25 when students report to homeroom.


Communication is key!  I cannot stress how important it is for parents to be involved in their child’s/children’s education.  Checking the portal, school website, teacher’s class page and becoming a member of the PTA are excellent means for retrieving important information.  I will notify the PTA about disruption days, due to weather, and bus delays. The PTA will in turn post a notification on their website/facebook page.  I will also be sending out a monthly letter that will have important updates and information!


Thank you for all your anticipated support with safety and remember it takes a village to raise a child.  Let’s work together!


Ron Polakowski                                                             



September’s school events:



12th--PTA MTG.  7 PM (Budget voted on)

13th--Basic Skills/ESL Night (Invite only)


20th--Walk to Remember (Parents who served in Armed Force are welcome (Please RSVP ahead of Parade)

26th--Back to School Night (Pre-K and 3-5)(Please read above for details)

10/2--Back to School Night (K - 2 starts at 7 PM)