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The school will be closed for the summer starting on Wednesday, June 19. Administrative Staff is available during the summer Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm.  

Report Cards are available on the Portal Thursday, June 20th. 

Next year’s Middle school schedules will be released on August 21st.  You will be able to print a copy from home that afternoon.  

We will have our 6th grade (and New Student) orientation on August 22nd & August 29th at Goetz Middle School.  Students and their parents are invited to come to Goetz between the hours of 9:00 am and 11:00 am and walk their schedules to see the classrooms they will be using.   




All students interested in playing sports will need their physical paperwork completed prior to the start of the season  Once Physicals are filled in by your doctor they need to be submitted to the school doctor.  This can be a lengthy process as they have to be physically delivered and picked up by school personnel.  Physicals turned in AFTER July 31st will NOT GUARANTEE that your child will be cleared for Fall Sports Tryouts.  


Important Chromebook Information:


Students will be taking their Chromebooks, Chargers, and Student IDs home for the summer.  Please keep these items in a safe place so they are ready to return with our students on September 5th.  By the middle of August, please check to make sure your Chromebook is working.  If not, contact the district technology department to schedule an appointment for the Chromebook to be repaired.


Moving During the Summer?


If you are moving during the summer and will be transferring your child(ren), please contact the Central Registration Office Monday through Thursday between the hours of 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM. (732) 415-7004 


If you are moving within the Jackson School District, you will need to sign an Internal Transfer Form and provide four proofs of your new residency before your child’s records can be transferred.  If you are moving out of the Jackson School District, you will need to sign a Student Transfer Verification Form.  A transfer card and a copy of your child(ren)’s health records(s) will be provided to register at a new school. The following information is needed to complete the transfer card:  new home address, new school name, and the new school address.


If you feel that you or your family are in need of assistance or help for a

situation that is not life-threatening, please utilize the resources below.

As always for any life-threatening emergencies please call *911*.


 *  PerformCare*: 1-877-652-7624. This number is available 24/7

*   National Suicide Prevention Lifeline*: 9-8-8.

 *  2nd Floor Youth Helpline*: 1-888-222-2228 (call or text)


EBT Benefits: 


New Jersey Department of Agriculture Distributes Summer EBT Benefits to More than 500,000 Children - Perishable News for information on how families can apply for Summer EBT benefits.  New Jersey is one of the 37 states participating in this new, permanent, nationwide USDA program to provide food dollars to low-income families with school-aged children over the summer months. New Jersey is providing families with $120 per eligible child for the summer to buy nutritious food at grocery stores, farmers markets, or other authorized retailers – similar to how SNAP benefits are used. New Jersey’s total Summer EBT distribution is expected to amount to more than $66 million in federal food security benefits.