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Update May 4: Gov. Murphy Announces Schools Will Remain on Remote Instruction Until the End of the School Year

Update: Gov. Murphy Announces Schools Will Remain

on Remote Instruction Until the End of the School Year

May 4, 2020

Gov. Murphy announced today that all New Jersey schools will not reopen for in-person instruction this school year and that students will continue on remote instruction until the end of the school year. 

We are, of course, heartbroken for students who will not have the traditional ends to their school year but we understand the need to base our actions on safety and science.

Today’s official notification will help us advance our brainstorming and planning for our end-of-the-year procedures and events such as moving ups, promotions and graduations. Our principals are working with class advisors and student and staff representatives to design ways to recognize these achievements in the ways they deserve. We will have more information on those ideas and on our summer and other plans in the coming weeks. 

Meanwhile, we are confident that our staff and students will continue their lessons and learning with the same commitment to excellence that we have witnessed over the past weeks. We are extremely proud of the instruction our students are receiving and of the dedication of all of our staff who work hard every day to support them.

As always, please remember to communicate with your child’s teacher about any concerns as we strive to be flexible and responsive to the varied needs of our families.  


Your Jackson Administrative Team