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Student Dropoff Procedures 2019-20


McAuliffe Middle School Drop Off Procedures

If you need to drive your child to school, when you enter the school driveway, you will be directed to turn right into the auxiliary parking lot.  You will drive on the outside of that lot and drop your child off at the curb leading to the school. Staff and security will be stationed along the walk and your child will then walk safely along the sidewalk to the building.  The driver will then turn left onto the driveway and exit the school property. Cars will not be allowed to drive into the main parking area during student arrival. Please be sure your child dresses appropriately for the weather if they are being dropped off at school.  This pattern provides safer measures for students to be dropped off and monitored as they walk into our building. Signs are posted and school staff will be stationed at this location to assist all parents in following the traffic pattern.  Students will be released from this drop-off area at 7:58 am to walk to the entrance of the school.  Please note that we cannot accommodate students being dropped off prior to this time.  It is our recommendation that all students take the assigned school bus to and from school. However, should you need to drop your child off in the morning, please adhere to the outlined procedures.