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December's Newsletter

December Principal’s Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The holiday season is upon us and we are enjoying the preparations, holiday cheer and goodwill.  The McAuliffe Middle School will be opening “The Vintage Shoppe” in January 2019 offering gently used clothing items for $1 per item.  This store will be open and available to every student in our school. We are looking for gently used, age appropriate clothing, coats, and general winter apparel in all sizes for students in grades 6 - 8.  We have placed a storage bin outside our front doors to accept any donations. We are focused right now on wintry items but will accept any clothing items both new or gently used for our shop. This store hopes to be a positive school community based adventure to support our student body and Jackson families.

The newly implemented 6th grade unified arts course, Habit, Community & Culture has been a tremendous success.  Students are engaged, reflective, and have stated they feel more connected to their feelings, their community and in their home experiences.  They are more confident in being able to appropriately express themselves and in developing stronger goal setting skills in areas of social, emotional, behavioral, athletic and academic growth.  Due to this success, we are working on revamping our use of time in our homeroom period. A team of teachers from both Goetz and McAuliffe are working collaboratively to develop lesson activities and concrete strategies for students to utilize in grades 6 thru 8.  Our goal is to train our staff this Spring on the curriculum and protocols and begin the full rollout in September 2019.

By mid-January we will be sending out course request sheets for students’ humanities and music electives.  Please be on the lookout for these forms to come home after the new year. Additionally, they will be posted on our website and will be sent out via email.

As part of our recycling initiative, as you may know, we have four water filtration fountains in our building.  These collectively have saved over 19,000 plastic water bottles thus far! We are selling clear, water bottles with the McAuliffe logo which can be used during the school day in our classrooms.  Additionally, we have installed blue recycling cans about our building for co-mingled paper, plastic and aluminum. Please help us keep our building clean and be environmentally friendly at the same time.

Please note that the holidays are a wonderful and joyful time for friends and family to reconnect but it can also be a time of stress, anxiety and loneliness.  Our department of Guidance Counselors, Child Study Team members and Student Assistance Counselor, as well as our administrative team are here to help you during these difficult times.  Do not hesitate to reach out for assistance. If we cannot help you directly, we can put you in contact with someone who can.

Warmest wishes and regards,


Debra Phillips