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March's Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are more than halfway through the school year with many upcoming activities planned.  Over the last days of February, 8th grade students met with the high school guidance counselor to explore academic options for students preparing for their Freshman year experiences.  Please be sure to review the curriculum course offering guide and discuss the wonderful options that are available at Jackson Liberty High School, not only within the walls of the classroom environment, but the entire experience of sports, clubs and extracurricular opportunities.

Our Student Assistance Counselor will be running McAuliffe's 1st Annual "Love Your Body Week" which brings awareness to body image, social media and eating disorders. A variety of program and awareness videos will be run during classes and activities during student lunch periods.  As you are aware, with social media, movies, tv, and magazines, our students, both boys and girls, are bombarded with images of what is considered “perfect” by society.  The reality of these images they are exposed to is far from realistic. Living up to this level of physical perfection is yet another stressor causing young girls and boys a great deal of anxiety.  Ms. Sacs is hoping to address this issue through classroom discussions, videos and interacting with students during their lunch periods. Here is a list of activities taking place:

Monday (Mar 4) - Today is “Mirrorless Monday” and you will note all the mirrors in the entire school are covered with body positive quotes!"  This exercise is a means to draw attention to the fact that we need to focus on our internal beauty and not be overly focused on exterior beauty.

Tues (Mar 5) - Today is “Rebound Tuesday”. Have a negative thought? Having a bad day? Rebound it to make it positive! Come check out Ms. Sacs’ activity during lunch periods.  This exercise will help to strengthen coping skills and resilience to everyday stressors and provide a refocused outlook.

Wed (Mar 6) - Today is “Weightless Wednesday”. No weighing, no restricting, no measurements! There will be trivia and prizes during lunch periods.  This exercise will remind us all that we should appreciate the body we have and take care of it.

Thurs (Mar 7) - Today is “Love Your Body Day”. Come check out the “I AM ENOUGH” activity during your lunch periods.

Read Across America Week will be celebrated at McAuliffe with the Literacy Department taking part in a series of activities to promote an increase in student interest and exposure to different genres.  Teachers will incorporate a friendly competition and games into the week to ignite a love for reading.

Please continue to check out our school and district calendar for upcoming springtime events, such as our school play, gift auction, museum night, and other evening events throughout the Jackson School District.

Yours in Education,

Debra Phillips