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September 2019

September 2019


Dear Parents and Guardians,


The school year has officially begun!  We are very excited to implement many new programs and strategies this school year.  

  1. This year we have repurposed our homeroom period into a Student Advisory Period.  During this time students will develop relationships with peers and staff, develop a sense of community and belonging, set personal and academic goals, and learn how to handle many social situations such as peer pressure, bullying, and friendships while making positive choices.
  2. All 8th graders will be taking at some point during the year a class called “Community Leadership.”  This is part of our school and district mission to include Social Emotional Learning into our schools and curricula while developing leadership and communication skills in addition to teaching the necessity of social action and involvement.  
  3. As part of our school initiatives and goals, we will continue to implement a variety of teaching techniques including Problem Based Learning, Research Simulation Tasks, and Socratic Seminars to develop students’ abilities to problem-solve, use evidence and data as part of their reasoning and persuasive skills as well as to improve oral communication skills.  
  4. ATTENDANCE.   In order for students to continue to grow and to develop social, behavioral, emotional and academic skills, they need to be in school.  Their participation in class activities, building relationships with peers and staff is imperative for their development into young adulthood.  If there are concerns with your child not wanting to attend school, we encourage you to reach out to your child’s Guidance Counselor or Child Study Team Counselor.  Together we can work cooperatively to assist your child with developing the necessary strategies to attend school regularly.
  5. As always, we strongly encourage you to follow us on Twitter, monitor your child’s grades via the Parent Portal, check the school and district calendar for upcoming events and to get involved with our School & Home Association.  Throughout the year, email blasts titled “McAuliffe News” will be sent with upcoming events and news about our school programs and activities.

Again, we look forward to working with you this school year and building positive and memorable experiences with your children in a supportive and caring environment.


Yours in education,


Debra Phillips