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November Newsletter

November 2020


Dear Parents,

As we continue to reflect upon this Fall, we have much to be thankful for this school year.  We have been able to open our doors and turn on our computers to interact with our students and enhance and develop their academic skills as well as support their social emotional needs.  We conducted a shortened athletic season and opened our co-curricular activities to provide opportunities for after school involvement and social interaction.  Additionally, we celebrated our October Students of the Month.  At this time, we are preparing to close out our first marking period grades as the marking period concludes on November 17.  


We conducted many virtual or modified in person activities such as our “Lite Run for Vets” events which included activities in PE classes, recognizing our Veterans via hanging commemorative dog tags in our hallways, having Veterans as guest speakers via Google Meets, and collecting donations for Veterans’ charitable organizations. Next year, we hope to continue our long standing tradition of our Run For Vets races, assemblies, and fundraising events.  


It is important that we thank the students and parents for the overwhelming support, patience, and cooperation you have provided as we continue to navigate our current educational programming while maintaining a safe and healthy environment.  With continued dedication and diligence, we will monitor our current practices, protocols, and programs and make recommendations and adjustments as needed while always putting our children first.


Yours in education,

Debra Phillips