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Sept. 11, 2022 - CHECK PARENT PORTAL FOR UPDATED BUSING INFO: For Preschool, Elementary and Middle Schools

Important Updates to Transportation for Preschool, Elementary and Middle Schools:

Please Check Portal Now to Verify New Bus Stops and Times


Also: See Impact to Late Buses at Middle and High Schools


Sept. 11, 2022


Dear Middle, Elementary, Preschool School Parents and Staff,


In order to address transportation delays and concerns for our middle, elementary, and preschool students, we worked this weekend to split some of our runs and change some routes in order to:

  • Shorten the run times for many of our buses;

  • Improve the accuracy of student pickups and drop off times, and

  • Shorten preschool routes where necessary. 


In light of these necessary changes, it is important for all of our preschool, elementary, and middle school parents to check the Parent Portal for any changes that may have been made to your child’s route or bus stop time.


NOTE: Please read your bus pass carefully. It is possible that you may not see any change at all, or you could see a new bus number, route, or altered bus time.

  • As always, please remember to be at your bus stop 10 minutes before pickup, and that drop offs could be delayed 10 minutes after the time on your bus pass.

  • Please know that ON MAJOR ROADS, all student pickups will take place on your side of the street, so students do not need to cross the street. If your bus goes past you on the other side of the street, it is because it is doing other stops and on its way to turn around to retrieve your child at his/her bus stop so they don’t have to cross the street.


The changes we worked on this weekend are in response to the issues we encountered last week, and required several maneuvers to address emergent concerns. The changes will impact the high school and middle school late buses in the ways listed below.




HIGH SCHOOLS: There will no longer be a 2:25 p.m. late bus at either high school. Both high schools will continue to run a 4:05 p.m. late bus


MIDDLE SCHOOLS: We will TEMPORARILY be canceling the middle school 3:40 p.m. late bus, effective immediately.  We will be reinstating this service and will inform you when it is running again.


We recognize that among parents’ frustrations were difficulties in reaching the transportation office by phone. As we launch these modified routes tomorrow and this week, we kindly ask that you call the transportation office for emergent issues that need to be addressed immediately.


For other issues such as bus stop change requests, we kindly ask that you EMAIL the transportation office at We will absolutely address all of your concerns as quickly as possible, however, keeping the phone lines open for emergent issues allows us to prioritize student safety.


We will continue to assess our routes in realtime to make them as efficient and safe as possible.  


A special thank you goes out to our drivers and aides and to our transportation staff for their responsiveness and commitment to our shared mission to get our students back and forth to school safely. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding, 


Mr. Kristopher Soto

Director of Transportation