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High School Report Card - Slight Modifications

Dear Parents and Students,

We wanted to let you know that when high school report cards are released on the Portal Nov. 5, they will look a bit different.

The Jackson School District High School Report Card has undergone some minor revisions improving our ability to provide you with accurate and meaningful academic information that is easier to understand.

It is important to know that no changes were made to how grades, honor roll, or GPA is calculated. The only change is to how the information is presented on the report card.

Details of modifications to report card:

  • Honor Roll Semester 1 & Honor Roll Semester 2- Since the school district calculates Honor Roll at the end of each semester, semester Honor Roll GPA is now included and Marking Period GPA was removed. 
  • A student earning an Honor Roll GPA of 4.0 or higher will qualify for High Honor Roll. Students earning an Honor Roll GPA of 3.75 or higher will earn Honor Roll status. The Year-To-Date GPA and Class Rank fields are static until the end of each school year, when the GPA and Rank is calculated.  The YTD GPA and Rank is the record at the end of the previous school year. 

Please refer to the Jackson Program of Study for additional information on academic grading.  The Program of Study is located on the Guidance Department webpage for each High School.