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HS Seniors: Apply Now for Local Scholarships


Visit Scholarship Application Page

This site allows Jackson School District Seniors to apply for local scholarships. The deadline for completing your application is February 20, 2019 by midnight.

You must use your full 7 digit student ID number issued by the school. If you do not know your ID number it can be found on your school schedule or report card.

IMPORTANT: The session will terminate after one hour of activity or inactivity, so be sure to hit "SAVE PENDING" frequently. You can log back on when you are ready to work again. We strongly recommend that you type your essays in Word or Docs or some other text editor FIRST and then copy them to the web site just to be safe and so you have a backup of your essays.

Who:     Students in the Class of 2019 planning to attend a 2- or 4-year post secondary school. This includes students who attend programs off campus (e.g. MATES, Performing Arts Academy).

Due:      Must be submitted online by February 20, 2019.  No late applications or paper copies will be accepted.

Evening Program:  Scholarship Night 2019 is scheduled for Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 6 p.m. in the Jackson Liberty High School Auditorium. 

How to apply:    Create your account by using your Last Name and Student ID.  Read and follow directions for each section.

VERY IMPORTANT:  You must save your information and log-off each time you are finished working.  If you stop working, the program will go offline and none of our work will be saved.